Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday freebies

A short fantasy story, several eBooks, and three audiobooks from LibriVox.

@AEG: "Flowers in Darkness" by Nancy Sauer.
"Even in autumn the gardens at Kyuden Doji were lovely to look upon. To the left of the path, stands of bellflowers clustered beneath maples just beginning to blush red. On the right the banks of the pond were lined with deep banks of jewel-toned chrysanthemums, and the fishing pavilion that it fronted was garlanded in white- and rose-colored morning glories. Kakita Hideshi stood amongst the beauty and saw none of it."
@Pixel of Ink [Kindle]:
Audio Fiction
@LibriVox: "20000 Leagues under the Seas" by Jules Verne, translated by F.P. Walter, read by many readers.
"Professor Pierre Aronnax is an academic whose thirst for knowledge carries him out of his ivory tower and on the trail of a mysterious sea beast. His curiosity at last is satiated when he finds himself in the belly of the beast-- that is, on board the incredible submarine the Nautilus, courtesy of its mysterious pilot Captain Nemo and in the company of his servant Conseil and sailor Ned Land."
@LibriVox: "The Gray Plague" by Lloyd Eshbach, read by BellonaTimes.
  • "End of the world sci-fi tale borrows heavily from H.G. Wells' WOTW and In The Days of the Comet -- looks like fun !"
@LibriVox: "Triplanetary, First in the Lensman Series" by E. E. “Doc” Smith, read by Phil Chenevert.
"covers several episodes in an eons-long eugenics project of the super-intelligences of the Arisia. This alien race is breeding two genetic lines to become the ultimate weapon in Arisia's cosmic war with their arch enemy, the Eddore. The initial chapters cover the Kinnison genetic line during the fall of Atlantis and Nero's (Gharlane of Eddore) reign in Rome."

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