Friday, December 30, 2011

The End

This is the final regular free fiction post at QD. I can no longer spare the time. However I will make an infrequently updated final post that links to as many free fiction/audio fiction/comics/and gaming sites as possible. Have great 2012 everyone!

@Daily Science Fiction: "Don Sebastian's Treasure" by Colin Harvey.
Rob wondered why her sullen monotone had suddenly erupted into vehemence. "This area is for Transport Museum staff only." She motioned him away from the workshop full of agricultural machinery, a lorry chassis, half-complete cars, even a ship's propeller. A mechanic looked up from the engine he was working on. She pointed to a sign saying "No visitors beyond this point" in English, Spanish, and local dialect.
Serial Fiction
@Kat and Mouse: "Into The Woods - Part Fourteen" by Abner Senires.
The Bison and the other Humvee had pulled to the right-hand shoulder just past the turnoff. I slid in behind them, cut the engine, then turned in my seat to look at Kyle.
@Ray Gun Revival: "Thieves’ Honor Episode 17: Trial by Fire - Part 1" by Keanan Brand.
“An IntuiCom implant is a biomechanical device that wraps around the brain stem or spinal column. Almost impossible to remove. But we’ve learned how to shut them down without killing the host. Most of the time. Any pen light marked with the Quantum Industries eye is a scanner for implants.”
@Drabblecast: "A Fairy Tale of Oakland" by Tim Pratt.
In some parts of the world — Austria, Croatia, Hungary — they still remember. They understand. You can’t have something bright without having something dark to balance it. If you’ve got St. Nicholas, you also need the Krampus…
@Escape Pod: "Bad Dogs Escape" by James Patrick Kelly.
MEL: We tried. We tried very hard. It wasn’t as if we couldn’t see what was coming. The droughts, tornados, the economy going south. But it didn’t happen all at once. Then the Raccoon flu, the antibiotics were useless. The wheat crop failed two years in a row. Then came riots, cities on fire, madness. When we lost control we gathered the best — scientists, economists, engineers, architects into the CPF
@Pseudopod: "Black Hill" by Orrin Grey, read by Rich Girardi.
There was a sound come up from the hole, like a gasp. The men figured we’d hit a pocket of gas and everyone backed off in case it was like to burn. Then the derrick shook all the way up and the ground seemed to slide a little under our feet. There come a noise from the hole like I ain’t never heard the ground make in all my years. When I was a boy, my pa’d known a man who worked a whaling ship and he said that whales sang to one another. He’d put his hands together over his mouth and blown a call that he said was as close as he could do to what they sounded like. This sounded like that call.
@The Classic Tales Podcast: "The Man Who Lived Backwards" by Charles F. Hall, read by B.J. Harrison.
Where can you find a world where raindrops cut through you like bullets, and sandwiches are as hard as concrete? Why, in the past of course.


Rusty said...

Well Dave,

I will miss your posts... but thanks so much for all the very cool stories you lead me to read over the past couple of years. And good luck to you!


John D. said...

Thanks for an outstanding community service, David! Nobody does it better.

Beam Me Up said...

As Rusty said and I will add that it's been great having you find so many sweet items. I goes without saying that you were instrumental in finding so many of the items that eventually made it into my program. Thanks for all you have done, best of luck to you.

Paul Cole
WRFR lp/fm Rockland Maine
Beam Me Up

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in 2012! Thank you again for mentioning my blog, I am eternally grateful!

BrittReid said...

Visit when you can, you're always welcome!
And have a good 2012!

Dave Tackett said...

Thank you all!

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