Sunday, August 19, 2012

A short, and possibly temporary, return from the grave.

Being the first of a series of very irregularly published posts on a variety of topics related to SF, Fantasy, and Horror. Often, though not always, relating to freebies (always legal - no piracy, except legal fiction about pirates), and occasionally interesting items tangentialy, at best, related to the genres

It's been a long time so I'll keep this brief.  In these posts. I'll likely concentrate more on great sites and series than individual works, though exceptions will occur.  Today there are a six free games, and the start of the freebies guide.

Dwarfstar Games has six of its classic fantasy and SF war games/ board games available for free download at its home page.  Theses small pen-and-paper games will require a little printing to play, but are worth it. I played Demonlord, pictured at left, a few times in the 80's and remember it is being a pretty good little game.  All are available only at the official Dwarfstar site.

Free Fiction Roundups
SF Signal. Since QD went on semi-pemenanet hiatus, Regan Wolfrom has been doing a great job with a weekly roundup of free fiction at SF Signal.  A real must-read!.

Written Fiction.
Project Gutenberg is a serious contender for the best site on the internet. Well before the advent of dedicated e-book readers, Project Gutenberg had countless classic stories available free online, including many in the SF, Fantasy, and horror genres. Now it is even bigger and books are available for downloading in most popular formats. All free! All the early genre greats are well represented - Wells, Burroughs, Verne, Shelley, Stoker, Lovecraft, Poe, etc.- and free works by later writers (Norton, Leiber, Dick, Leinster, Simak, etc.). And there are non-genre works too.

Old Time Radio.
The Internet Archive is another of the great site on the web. Before television, radio dramas were king.  And while only a few were SF or Horror, (Comedies and Westerns were over represented) there were some great anthologies broadcast, X Minus One and Dark Fantasy to name just a couple.  All free and available in convenient MP3 format.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see you back! :)

..but worries that it may be temporary... :(

John D.
SF SIgnal

Dave Tackett said...

Thanks John! If I can restrain myself from over-posting, QD's return will likely be for quite a long time.