Monday, August 27, 2012

A very incomplete roundup of Freebies.

Just a few free fiction links after after a long weekend, which included a trip to Cahokia Mounds. The image at the left is available full size at SFFaudio

@Lightspeed: "Cotillion" by Delia Sherman. Fantasy.
@Lightspeed:  "Love Might Be Too Strong a Word" by Charlie Jane Anders . SF.
@Ray Gun Revival: "Drive Like Lightning . . . Crash Like Thunder, part one" by B. Morris Allen

@Beam Me Up: Much including Part One of "The Drive" by Edward McKeow. 
@Escape Pod: Episode 359: "Chasers" by Scott W. Baker. Read by Mat Weller. SF.
@LibriVox: "Project Mastodon" by Clifford Simak. Read by Phil Chenevert.
@Lightspeed:  "Love Might Be Too Strong a Word" by Charlie Jane Anders. Read by Hillary Huber . SF.
@PodCastle: Episode 222: "The Secret Beach" by Tim Pratt. Read by Dave Thompson. Fantasy.
@Pseudopod: Episode 296: "The Squat" by Sean Logan. Read by James Trimarco. Horror.
@StarShipSofa: Episode 252: "Shall I Tell You The Problem With Time Travel" by Adam Roberts, Read by Nicholas Camm.

More versions of Simak's "Project Mastodon" include an earlier LibriVox version and the classic X Minus One version (scroll down to number 54 there)

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