Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A few Good Freebies

Just a few cool freebies, including the latest issue of one of my favorite fantasy magazines.

At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Issue #103

"When Averly Fell from the Sky" by Dean Wells.
"Only then did I discover two alarming facts about my own person: I was naked beneath the  scratchy blanket, and my wrists and ankles were bound in chains"
"Bandit and the Seventy Raccoon War" by Don Allmon
"At midnight the witch began to bless the cannons. Jacsen told the boy to stay put and slipped out among the tents"

Audio Fiction Podcast: "When Averly Fell from the Sky" by Dean Wells.

Audio Fiction
At LibriVox: The Firelight Fairy Book by Henry Beston (1919)
Something for the younger listeners. Thirteen a fairy tales, read by several different readers.
"One pleasant summer day, as the fairy-tale lover sat reading a book beneath the low spreading branches of an oak tree, he heard a hum of wings, and looking up startled from his book, he discovered the Fairy Goldenwand standing close by."

At LibriVox: "The Repairman" by Harry Harrison .
"This is a collection of 3 of Harry Harrison marvelous early stories that were published in Galaxy, Analog and Fantastic Universe."

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