Sunday, September 16, 2012

Golden Age Comic Book Sites.

Just a few cool comic book sites that generally specialize in golden age comics that have, for the most part, fallen into the public domain. [Here, I'm using pre-1956 as the definition of golden age. Other definitions vary,]
Be sure to check these out, as well as others listed in my blogroll and their links. More post over the next week as QD continues its irregular schedule for the foreseeable future.

Digital Comics Museum - claims to be "the best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics" and the may be right.  The are hundreds of free horror, sci-fi, and adventure comics as well as the odd fantasy and numerous other genres.  All are in CBR/CBZ formats, which tend to look very good on a Kindle Fire, and likely iPads.

Online golden age comics.
Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine a wonderful site with scans of  a variety of genres, including three recent horror stories.

 The Horrors of It All - a one-stop site for pre-code horror comics. Truly a fun, goretastic blog. A recent story was  "The Flaming Witness"

Golden Age Comic Book Stories - A mixture of  classic art/illustration (much of it very good) and golden age comics. Worth checking out.

The Comic Book Catacombs - A cool site with many classic era adventure comics, including the recent "Return of the Blue Gorilla"

Atomic Kommie Comics - Classic sci-fi comics!! A good site to visit regularly, for stories like the recent "Space Squadron: Blast Revere: Volunteer for Death"  And be sure to check out the at this site.


Tinkoo said...

Great, so you're back.

PS: A few months back, Google & Firefox were not letting people visit this site, claiming it was a malware site. What had happened?

Dave Tackett said...


I'm not sure about the malware issue. Nothing had changed on QD while I was away so I can only guess it something to do with the sites had I linked to. A few of them have since disappeared and I have no idea what they might have posted.