Monday, September 24, 2012

Freebies, Permenance, and a Call for Reviews

There are some very good freebies this time in a variety of genres and formats. (And for more, as always, check out Regan Wolfrom's free SF links at SF Signal - the world's greatest Fanzine).  When I restarted QD (In a scene highly reminiscent of the It's Alive scene from the classic Frankenstein Film) I wrote that this might be temporary. However, it looks like I be posting irregularly  here at QD will continue until  I'm dead or you find someone better.

I'll be adding some reviews and other posts fairly soon. If you would like to review anything in the SF, fantasy, horror, adventure, comic book, or role-playing game areas, e-mail me - I'm very open to guest (or regular contributors.)

At Daily Science Fiction: "Said the Princess" by Dani Atkinson.
At Paizo: Parts one and two of  "Shattered Steel" by F. Wesley Schneider.
At Ray Gun Revival:  "Human System" by Andy Dudak.
     "Hope Fire Home fell into synchronous orbit of Hip 263c with a sense of anticipation she hadn’t known in a million subjective years. The surface below was a blasted, dun-colored waste, but it contained something precious."
At Two-Fisted Takes of...: "Friends" by Murray Leinster. [JPG scans]
At Two-Fisted Takes of...:"Gambler's Asteroid" by Manly Wade Wellman.  [JPG scans]
At WotC:  "Heir of Shadowbane" by Erik Scott de Bie [PDF download]
     "Snow swirled outside the windows of the Rotten Root tavern. Inside, pipe smoke and laughter filled the stuffy common room, partially obscuring the otherwise unadorned charms of the dancer trying to get Kalen Dren’s attention."

Audio Fiction
At Author's Site: "Sacred Cow"  by Scott Sigler.
At Cast of Winders: The Great Game, Part 4 – "In The Bowels of the Sick Man" by James Vachowski.
At Cthulhu: Part Three of  The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson.
At Drabblecast: "Judgement Passed"  by  Jerry Oltion.
     "We stared up at the sunlit peaks, each thinking our own thoughts.  I thought about Dessica.  We’d waited two months after landing to name it, but the decision was unanimous."
At Journey Into:  "Barry Koleman, Hero" by Mur Lafferty
     "Barry just discovered he has first wave powers, but nobody seems to care, except for the patrons of Keepsie's Bar."
At LibriVox: "Pariah Planet" by Murray Leinster.
     "When the blue plague appeared on the planet of Dara, fear struck nearby worlds. The fear led to  a hate that threatened the lives of millions and endangered the Galactic peace."
At SFFaudio: "The Murders In The Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allan Poe.

Cool Sites
Two very good blogs to find free science fiction stories as well as read reviews of them are Variety SF and and These have been two of my favorite sites for quite awhile now.  Do yourself a favor and check them both out regularly.

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