Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Free Fiction and Comics

Another decent sized roundup of good free fiction and comics.  Enjoy!  More gaming content and more frequent posting should be coming soon, though no promises. Illustration from "Shattered Steel" by F. Wesley Schneider.

At AE: "Thirteen Generations" by James Bambury.
At Cosmos: "Another Country" by Margo Lanagan.
At Daily Science Fiction: "Where You End and the World Begins" by Sam Ferree.
At Daily Science Fiction: "Intolerance" by VG Campen.
At Daily Science Fiction: "Professor Jennifer Magda-Chichester's Time Machine" by Julian Mortimer Smith.
At Electric Velocipede: "The Leaf" by Erik T. Johnson.
At Enchanted Conversations: "Fleet Is the Sand" by Patricia Scott.
At Enchanted Conversations: "St'armra the Elf Lord" by Hercynius.
At The Internet Archive: "21 Public Domain SciFi Stories"
At The Journal of Unlikely Entomology: "Let the Bugs Work Themselves Out" by Luna Lindsey.
At The Journal of Unlikely Entomology:  "Nikki 2.3" by Brent Knowles.
At The Journal of Unlikely Entomology:  "The Clockworm" by Karen Heuler.
At Lightspeed: "Sun Dogs" by Brooke Bolander.
      "Floating through endless night in a tiny silver ball, surrounded by noise and confusion and the overpowering scents of metal and her own push-stink, the dog Laika dreams."
At Lightspeed: "Monster, Finder, Shifter" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
     "My father’s family had produced monster-finders for several generations. More monsters were being born than ever; our village didn’t have enough finder power to track them all"
At Paizo: Chapter three of "Shattered Steel" by F. Wesley Schneider.
At Short-Story Me: "Off of Parks and Druding" by Philip Roberts. 
At Subterranean Press: "When the Shadows are Hungry and Cold (A Milestone Story)" by Kealan Patrick Burke.
At Subterranean Press: "African Sunrise" by Nnedi Okorafor.
At Subterranean Press: "Game" by Maria Dahvana Headley.
At Subterranean Press: "Two-Stone Tom’s Big T.O.E." by Brian Lumley.
At "Ruled" by Caragh M. O'Brien.
At The World SF Blog: "Disclosure" by Sarah Newton.
At The World SF Blog: “The Princess and the Shadowspawn” by Ben Godby.
At The World SF Blog: “The Good Things in Life” by H.H. Løyche.
Mirror Dance - Autumn 2012, featuring fiction by Lucien Brodeur, Stefan Milicevic, Aaron DaMommio, Rachel J. Bailey and Mike Phillips.
Niteblade #21, featuring fiction by Mary M. Alexander, Anna Sykora, Jeremy Rozen, and Suzanne van Rooyen.
Stone Telling #8 - speculative poetry.

At Beam Me Up: Episode 333 featuring  part six of “The Dive” by Ed McKeown and episode twelve “The Fearful Dead” by Jason Kahn.
At Cast of Wonders: "Flash Collection II" featuring Bethany Powell and David Steffen
At Escape Pod: "Flowing Shapes" by Rajan Khanna.
At Internet Archive: Sci-Fi Radio - 26 episodes.
     an anthology of magazine short story adaptations (including Dick, Bradbury, LeGuin, etc)
At LibriVox: "A Spaceship Named McGuire" by Randall Garrett.
     Can a spaceship go crazy? Well, yes it can if it has a brain. And the new MG (magnetogravitic drive) experimental robot space ship does indeed have a 'brain'.
At Lightspeed: "Monster, Finder, Shifter" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
At PodCastle: "The Yew’s Embrace" by Francesca Forrest.
At Pseudopod: "The Last Man After The War" by Erich William Bergmeier.
At Radio Drama Revival: Episode 298 featuring part three of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and more.
At StarShipSofa: "Immortals of Atlantis" by Brian Stableford.

At Atomic Kommie Comics:  "A Nation is Born" and "Planet Eaters" SF
At The Comic Book Catacombs: Camilla in "The Cult of the Black Cobra"  Adventure.
At Four Color Shadows: Space Rangers from Planet Comics-1946 
At The Horrors of It All: "The Cat People" and   "More Deadly Than the Male". Horror/SF
At Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: Captain Midnight  and Ibis. SF/Adventure.
At Seduction of the Innocent: "Gravestone for Gratis

Reviews of Free Fiction
At BestScienceFictionStories: "Trouble Tide" by James H. Schmitz.
At Variety SF: "The Carbon Eater" by Douglas Drew.

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