Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Six Freebies for the Price of One!

Happy mid-week, just a relatively short time until it is weekend. Until then, here are six interesting free stories.

 Free Fiction
 At GigaNotoSaurus:  "The King’s Huntsman" by Jennifer Mason-Black. (online and epub download)
Jonas knelt beside me. “Take her in,” I told him. There was something, puzzlement, disappointment, in his face, but the King’s horn had blown twice now, and the baying of the hounds ran through me like fire through dry grassland. The hunt belonged to me. I’d not come this far to be stayed by a downed dog. I left it to Jonas to earn his keep.

At Phillipine Genre Stories: "The Nameless Ones" (Part 1) by Gabriela Lee.
"He is almost tempted to call HQ, to abort the mission. He thinks about other rainy nights, about other places where he thinks could double for this godforsaken hole. He flexes his fingers, curses the ache in his wrists. Carpal tunnel. He attempts to catalogue his emotions in an effort to stave off sleep."

At Legend of the Five Realms: "Defenders of the Empire" by Shawn Carman.
"Within the Emerald Empire and its Colonies, influential samurai make decisions that will have tremendous impact on the future of both realms, although few but the Lion recognize the enormity of their actions at the time they are taken."

Free Audio Fiction:

Drabblecast has its 254th episode up, featuring "The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward" pt. 1 by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette. 

"Six weeks into her involuntary tenure on Faraday Station, Cynthia Feuerwerker needed a job. She could no longer afford to be choosy about it, either; her oxygen tax was due, and you didn’t have to be a medical doctor to understand the difficulties inherent in trying to breathe vacuum.

Journey Into ... has up an audio version of Oscar Wilde's classic fantasy "The Selfish Giant"

At Wiley Writers : Both audio and text versions of  "The Precarious Perch of Lookout County" by Russell Linton.
"Marshal Ellis discovers he may just be in over his head as he condemns a local man, turned fae, to the cold iron tether at the outskirts of town. (21 min)"

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