Monday, October 8, 2012

Classic SF and More.

Some very good stuff today, including a classic era SF story from Orbit, illustrated to the left.  Be sure to check them all out, or at least save the one you think sound good.  More tomorrow.

Now Posted  the Oct - Dec '12 Issue of The Lorelei Signal featuring
      "Bingham's Deep Woods Fairies" by  J.C. Conway. Fantasy.
      "Flesh and Bone" by Danielle Gronwold. Fantasy.
      "Imaginary Enemies" by C.J. Paget. Fantasy.
      "Believing in Luck" by Josie Gowler. Fantasy.
      "Madame Melodia and the Love Machines" by Karen Maric. Fantasy.
      "Before Midnight When Ten Billion Sleep" by Gary Girod. Fantasy.
      "Star Rats" by Darrell Albert. Fantasy.
      "Stow Away" by R. Scott Russell. Fantasy.
      "The Uncle Returns" by John Hayes.  Fantasy. Poetry
      "Children of the Unicorn Clan" by Anna Sykora. Fantasy.

At Cosmos: "Automation of a Salesman" by Gregg Jansen. Science Fiction.
      "Normby, second in sales ranking only to Trochus24, was desperate for the Robo-Salesman of the Year Award and the memory upgrade that went with it."
 At Daily Science Fiction:  "Mama's Science" by Shane D. Rhinewald. Science Fiction.
     "At ten, Darcy considered her father the center of the universe, a constant like one of Newton's laws. She had just learned about basic physics in science class the day she returned home to find out that he had gone into the stars to seek other fortunes."
At Project Gutenberg:  "The Mating of the Moons" by Kenneth O'Hara.
     "She came to Mars in search of  something, she knew not what, to give her life meaning. She found it ... in a way...." From Orbit volume 1 number 2, 1953
At Ray Gun Revival:  "Barbeque" by Michael S. Roberts. Science Fiction.
     “Retiring early, all four of us. And guess what else!” He took a swig from the frosty bottle, wiped his chin. “I bought a spaceship!”
At Strange Horizons: "In the Library of Souls" (part 2 of 2), by Jennifer Mason-Black.
      "You didn't cry," she said. "Ten years old and your mother had died, and you cared more for the books."

Audio Fiction
At Beam Me Up:  "In the Service of the Public" by Mark Webb.  "This story an Earth diplomat in service to an inter-galactic government." And  the conclusion of Edward McKeown’s “The Dive.”
At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 20 - Tarzan of the Apes"
      "Tarzan has pursued Terkoz, now a rogue ape who has abducted Jane Porter to make her his wife."

At PRI: Selected Shorts "A Touch of Magic" Fantasy.
      "A boy magician fantasizes about a glorious career, and then learns about real life the hard way, in Haley Tanner’s “Vaclav the Magnificent,” read by Sarah Steele, and the lovers in T.C. Boyle’s “Swept Away” are blown together by a raging wind."
At SFFAudio:  "The Beckoning Fair One" by Oliver Onions. Horror.
      "sometimes called the greatest ghost story in the English language"
At Toasted Cake: "The Tailor and the Fairy" by Samantha Henderson. Fairy Tale.
     "Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a hard-working tailor named Albert."

Other Genres
Audio at Crime City Central: "Mirror, Mirror" by Beverle Graves Myers.
Audio at Tales of Old: "Touch and Go" by Russell James.
     "A young, struggling pilot in World War I's Lafayette Escadrille leaves with his patrol for enemy lines. In the midst of a dogfight, he becomes separated from his squadron. He is forced to land at a strange airfield, and his role in the Allied war effort changes forever."
Fiction at Online Pulps Site: "Murder Done Twice" by Robert Leslie Bellem Noir [1946] and "Caught Out" by Fred C. Smale [Detective]

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