Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five Short Stories.

Five free short for you reading enjoyment. 

At Black Gate:  “The Quintessence of Absence” by Sean McLachlan.
     "Lothar fumbled open the door to his tenement room and saw his old boss standing in the dingy hallway. He rubbed his eyes, thinking he was still hallucinating, but it was Francesco all right, standing there as real as anything, although the vermilion hue of his cloak, the green of his ruffled shirt and the black of his tricorner hat blended into one another and his powdered wig rippled to some unheard rhythm"
At  L5R: "Seeds of Decay: the Dragon" by Seth Mason. Fantasy.
     "Under the sensei’s careful eye, members of the ise zumi, the Order of Venom, and even the Asako order moved together in a beautiful pattern of movement and serenity. As always, the aging Dragon kept his eye closest on the Spider, but this was more out of habit than any true apprehension."
At Short-Story.Me: "The Grim Reaper" by Norman A. Rubin. Fantasy.
     "The costumed children passed by the old timers bundled up and were sitting on the benches on the green near the community center. The weather was not chilly and the old timers, eight in all led by the Old Major,  a white haired gentleman of eighty-three years, tall and straight with a slightly bent back."
At Short-Story.Me: "Of Snakes and Banjos" by David Nilsson. Horror.
     "It wasn't like he'd meant to kick her as he came round the corner. Anyway, it wasn't really a kick, more like a bit of a bump. No, a nudge, that's what it was, just a nudge. After all, sitting on the pavement like that, it's her own fault really if people end up nudging her."
At Short-Story.Me: "In The Harsh Moonlight" by Jack Farmer.
     "I know what you're thinking Jonas – but I didn't ask to see you so I could try to recruit you back into the military. God knows we could use you in the fleet, but I know you turned your back on that career a long time ago."

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