Monday, October 22, 2012

Even More Freebies

A few more free items for your enjoyment. Comics, Flash Fiction, Audio Fiction, a free Wargame, and several e-books and short stories (including two by the infamous Regan Wolfrom).

[Art from Beyond the Waters of the World by Ruth Nestvold.]

Fiction E-Books 
At Author’s Site: "The Ocean Goddess and The Home Run Queen" by Regan Wolfrom. Contemporary Fantasy. [Via SF Signal]
     "Danger, my goddess would whisper softly to me whenever The Wolfman would approach. Danger."
At Author’s Site: "Rat Island" by Chris Beckett. Science Fiction. [Via SF Signal]
      "Incredible folly, blind recklessness, it all now seems – blazing electric light for no purpose at all except advertising and decoration – but it was a golden age, one of the pinnacles of history"
Reviewed at BestScienceFictionStories:  "The True Story of Merganther’s Run" by David D. Levine.

At Free eBooks Daily:  

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Flash Fiction
At Every Day Fiction: "Which Lagoon Was It, Again?" by Eric Del Carlo.
At Flashes in the Dark: "The Inheritance" by Matthew Guerruckey. Horror.
At Quantum Muse: "The Cupcake" by Harris Tobias. Speculative Fiction.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Surprise Party" by Duncan Shields. Science Fiction.

At Atomic Kommie Comics:  "Escape to Death" Sci-Fi.
At The Comic Book Catacombs: Marga the Panther Woman in "Ivory City" Adventure. 1940.
At The Comic Book Catacombs: "Death Ship" Sci-Fi. Horror. 1954.
At The Horrors of It All: "Crawling Evil" Horror. 1952
At Seduction of the Innocent!!: "Slaughter-House!" Horror. 1954.
At True Love Comics: "All for Love" Sci-Fi From Space Adventures 1953.

Audio Fiction
At Crime City Central: "Texas In The Fall" by R J Ellory. Crime.
At Every Day Fiction: “Serenity or Sails” by Dale Ivan Smith. Adventure. Pirates. Flash.
     "Alexander Simon had been on the deserted isle for at least two years when the sails appeared on the horizon. The bonfire burned from the peak — Jade Peak, he called it, since it was covered in green foliage"
At Bushido: "Bushido: New Dawn" Fantasy wargame in PDF download. [Via freewargamesrules]
     "Bushido is a game of savage battles, of cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood. In Bushido, the fate of the world hangs not on armies but on individual heroes, men and women of extraordinary capacity, attuned to the all-permeating life force known as Ki."

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