Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free Fictionpalooza

Among the many highlights of the rather large collection of freebies are the start of another great John Joseph Adams edited magazine. Nightmare Magazine (pictured to the left) is a horror equivalent to the SF/fantasy magazine Lightspeed. Seriously cool - the first story is linked in fiction and audio fiction below.  Also great are the latest issues of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and Beneath Ceaseless Skies (two long-time favorites), a few new to QD sites are linked and quite a bit more this time. 


Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #14 featuring
     "Day’s End at the Three Eels" by Al Onia.
     "A Song for the New King" by S. Boyd Taylor.
     "Death and Dignity" by Michael R. Fletcher.
     "The Swordswoman" by Jessica Salmonson.
     "Shadakar" by Barry King.

Liquid Imagination #14. featuring spec. fiction
     "The House of Unrighteous Images" by Megan Arkenberg.
     "Love Story" by John Biesecker.
     "The Circle of Stones" by Patrick McCarty.
     "A Head Full of Pigs" by Ken Goldman
as well as poetry, flash fiction, and literary fiction.

Plasma Frequencies #2 featuring fiction by Jim Breyfogle, Matthew Castleman, Beth Cato, Liz Colter
Lindsey Duncan, Frank Dutkiewicz, Milo James Fowler, Steve Husk, and Kat Otis. In free Mobi and Epub downloads here.

At Abomination:“Fruitful” by Josh Wagner. Horror.
At Abomination: “Fissure” by WB Stickel. Horror.
At Abomination: “Candles” by Paul Chatlain. Horror.
At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Three Little Foxes" by Richard Parks. Fantasy.
At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Luck Fish" by Peta Freestone. Fantasy.
At Big Pulp: "Uvlechenie" by DeAnna Knippling. SF.
At Big Pulp:  "Heart of a Pirate" by Shannon Schuren. Adventure.
At Big Pulp: "Mercer's Ghost" by Milo James Fowler. Adventure.
At Daily Science Fiction: "Lyria" by Miah Sonnel. SF.
At Daily Science Fiction: "Last" by Rich Larso.SF.

At Fear and Trembling: "Over the Fence" by Devin Miller. Horror.
At Fear and Trembling: "The Bird of the Asylum" by Daniel Algara.
At Fear and Trembling: "Terminated" by Stoney M. Setzer.
At Four Star Stories: "The Way of the Heretic" by Lou Antonelli.
At Four Star Stories: "Party’s Over" by John Bruni.
At Four Star Stories: "Sandcastles" by Don D’Ammassa.
At Four Star Stories: "Silence" by Marilyn Márquez.
At Fusion Fragment: "The Benefit Of All" by K.A. Dean.
At Fusion Fragment: "The Circuit" by Edward W. Robertson.
At Fusion Fragment: "Glass Eyes" by Chris Tepedino.
At Interstellar Fiction: "The Devil's Hat" by Gary B. Phillips. SF.
At Interstellar Fiction: "All Your World's a Stage" by Peter Wood. SF.
At Interstellar Fiction: "Croatoan" by James C. Bassett. SF.
At Interstellar Fiction: "We Tried to Save the Brooklyn Dodgers" by Michael Weinstein. SF.
At Interstellar Fiction: "Out with the Crowd" by Michael Haynes. SF.

At Nature: "Man's Best Friend" by Grace Tang.
At Nightmare Magazine: "Property Condemned" by Jonathan Maberry.
At Phantasmacore:  "Boy at a Water’s Edge" by Eric Del Carlo.
At Specutopia: "The Death of the World's Greatest Detective" by James Beamon. Spec. Fiction.
At Specutopia: "Hollow Spaces" by Greg Mellor. Spec. Fiction.
At The Colored Lens: "A Land of Deepest Shade" by Francesca Forrest. Spec. Fiction.
At The Colored Lens: "The Korgun" by David Morel. Spec. Fiction.
At The Colored Lens: "Unexpected Pigment" by Jamie Lackey. Spec. Fiction. 
At The WiFiles: "Terminal" by Sean Hallinan.
At The WiFiles: "Conceptions" by Matt Shaner.
At The WiFiles: "Kit" by Catherine Roth.
At The WiFiles: "The Knight’s Redemption" by Lane Heymont.
At "King of Marbury" by Andrew Smith.

At Flashes in the Dark: "Evolution of Horror" by Frank Larnerd. Horror.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Maintainer Of The Machine" by Clint Wilson.
At 365 Tomorrows: "The Accidental Godling" by Jae Miles.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Humans Don’t Belong in Space" by Duncan Shields.
At Yesteryear Fiction: "The Onlookers" by R.G. Summers.

At Aural Stage:  Dialed In – Episode 7 "Straw Into Gold"
At Beneath Ceaseless Skies: "Worth of Crows" by Seth Dickinson.
At Cast Macabre: "Synchronicity" by Craig Herbertson.
At Decoder Ring Theater: Red Panda Adventures - "Thirteen at Table"

At Drama Pod: "Pygmalion Spectacles" by Stanley Weinbaum.
Nerd Squad Radio Theater at YouTube: The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
Nerd Squad Radio Theater at YouTube: Beowulf by Anonymous Part One and Part Two.
At Nightmare Magazine: "Property Condemned" by Jonathan Maberry.
At PodCastle: "The Terror of Blue John Gap" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Reviewed Free Fiction
At BestScienceFictionStories: "One-Click Banishment" by Jeremiah Tolbert.

Gaming Magazines
At RPGNow:  Savage Insider #6 a cross-genre issue with a leaning toward the horrific.
At RPGNow:  Pathways #19 a collection of Pathfinder templates, encounters, magic items, feats, and monsters.

Other Genres
At The Western Online: "Fool's Errand" by Lilith Michael. Western.
At The Western Online: "The Telltale Boot" by Eli Spoon. Western.

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