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 Hopefully all problems with Chrome and prior links are fixed now.  There's a rather eclectic collection of links today with something for almost everyone. And since the malware alarm has cause the removal of old links, a new category "From the Vaults" will act as a best of past posts - all re-checked for accuracy.


At Adventures in Fiction: Thieves' Honor, ep 12: "The Game: Investigation" by Keanan Brand.
     “More than enough to find incriminating evidence of theft, smuggling, or illegal salvage.” Commander Wilkes slid a small screen across the table. “And yet neither your personal or ship logs contain such evidence.”
At L5R: "Seeds of Decay: the Scorpion" by Seth Mason. Fantasy.
     "Hawado lay on her mat in the darkness, her breathing coming heavily as she felt a weight on her torso and a grip on her mouth. Her eyes adjusted quickly, and she recognized the eyes of Soshi Kodanshi looking down on her. She had been dreaming, again."
At Phatasmacore: "-PHILE"  by Osmond Arnesto. Speculative Fiction.
     " He blinked for the first time, causing a dull picture of a Mason jar to shake from its perch and drop to the ground. “Sometimes it is a good thing when the airport loses your baggage.” It is something he heard once, during a time when students sat at the tables."
Reviewed at Variety SF:  "Aristotle and the Gun"  by L Sprague de Camp. Science Fiction. 1958.

Flash Fiction
At Every Day Fiction: "The Writer’s Curse" by JR Hume.
At Every Day Fiction: "The Golem" by Arif Khan.
At Phatasmacore: "Cool" by James Valvis. Speculative Fiction.
At Phatasmacore: "Naiveté" by Harry F. Kane. Speculative Fiction.
At Spinetingler: "Unrestricted Diet" by Gary Clifton. Crime.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Thought Supplier" by R. Michael Cook. Science Fiction.

Audio Fiction
At Author's Site: "THE MVP Episode #2" by Scott Sigler.Science Fiction. Football.
      "Quentin Barnes and the Ionath Krakens find themselves in dire straits. Captured by the Prawatt Jihad, their Touchback engulfed by the largest ship ever constrcuted, Quentin & Co. must prepare to play 'the game.'"
At Beam Me Up: "The Devil Wears Shapeless Ugly Garments, Covered in Dog Hair" by Mark Webb "The Earth has been destroyed and the Humans that were lucky enough to be off planet are now only capable of the lowest form of menial labor" and by Jason Kahn In Plain Sight:  episode 13 "Home to Roost."
At Drabblecast: "Trifecta XXIII" Fantasy. Horror.
     Featuring "Constant Companion"  by  David Steffen, "Gorgon"  by  Teresa Milbrodt, and "Blue"  by  Sandra Odell.
At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice BurroughsEpisode 24 - Tarzan of the Apes. Adventure.
    "Tarzan has rescued Lt. D’Arnot from the torture stake in Mbonga’s village and taken him to recover at the amphitheatre of the apes. He dares not leave Paul alone during his recovery."
At Ancient Vaults: "Lantern of Dread" and "Dust of Rabbits" Magic Items.
At Blog on the Borderlands: "Alter Alignment" Spell.
At Geek Related: RPG Podcast Roundup.
At Heretic Works:  "Lipophage" and "Maelstrom" Monsters.
At Kobold Quarterly: "Transmutation: New Spells" 4E spells.
At The Land of NOD: "Six Delightful Demons" and "Six Malevolent Mummies" Monsters.
At RPG Creatures: "Theemian Vampire" Monster. Vampire Demon.
At The Savage AfterWorld: "Corpse Owl"  Monster. Gamma World.
At Sea of Stars: "Pike of Uprisings" Magic Item.
At WotC: "Bringing a City to Life" by Ed Greenwood. Article.

Other Genres
Audio at PRI-Selected Shorts: "Great Beginnings"
     "First Etgar Keret’s “Healthy Start,” in which a man abandoned by his wife embarks on a series of bizarre impersonations that help him to reconnect to the human race. In Ann Beattie’s “Hoodie in Xanadu,” a strange neighbor has a private paradise, while Wal-mart is the unlikely backdrop for a fateful encounter between a man and a former child prodigy in Juan Martinez’s “Best Worst American

From the Vaults
Dimension X is one of the all time great science fiction anthologies in any medium. Predating The Twilight Zone by nine years and The Outer Limits by thirteen, this brilliant radio program set the standards for broadcast science fiction (standards which have all too rarely been met). The fifty, roughly half-hour, episodes are mostly based on published stories by SF greats such as; Leinster, Bloch, Bradbury, Simak, Heinlein, Asimov, and other greats. Many of these stories were published in the classic science fiction magazine, Astounding (now known as Analog) .

There are many excellent stories here including; Mars is Heaven (Bradbury), Martian Death March (Kinoy), Nightfall (Asimov), Pebble in the Sky(Asimov), Requiem (Heinlein), and Universe (Heinlein). A good plot summary of individual episodes appears here.

This series is available here in .mp3 for free downloading, perfect for burning to CD for long trips or late night listening (note these are on three pages so don't miss the second and third pages). Many episodes are also available for streaming here.

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