Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clarkesworld and More Freebies

More free genre entertainment, including the latest issue of Clarkesworld Magazine (which always rocks!). And a new monthly issue of Quantum Muse (check it out).  There's also great audio fiction from Escape Pod and Clarkesworld, more e-books, old time radio, a classic horror comic, and a couple of westerns for variety.

Be sure to check SF Signal for links that may have missed here and for any opinionated people, be sure to weigh in on Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars franchise at Beam Me Up.

Now Posted: Clarkesworld Magazine: Issue 74, November 2012
"(To See the Other) Whole Against the Sky" by E. Catherine Tobler.
     "Close your eyes. As you travel farther away from me, your ship becoming little more than a pinprick of light amid infinite pinpricks of light, I want you to remember me as I was the first time you saw me, in the field. The day I glowed."
"Aquatica" by Maggie Clark.
     "When Host laughed, her esca wriggled, and the gills behind her pectoral fins vented hard enough to stir up the silt. Organ tumbled in the waste-stream’s wake, but kept one tiny black eye fixed on her bobbing, bioluminescent beacon—the first he had seen in six turns of the current along the foreign reef."
"Everything Must Go" by Brooke Wonders.
      "The house at 1414 waits for new families to move in, and sometimes they do, but more often than not the owners abandon their property. Linden Drive grows increasingly desolate, and 1414 clings to the warmth and safety of its inhabitants, sure that it is too well-loved to be left behind."

Now Posted: Quantum Muse - November 2012.
Samantha Berg and the Petrifying Pipelines by James Turnbull. Alternative.
     "Has an old friend become a new foe? Why are teenage girls going missing? And can Berg keep her electricity fairy happy? Find out all this, and more!"
 Grasshopper Dreams by Robert Hunter. Alternative.
     "Noses were crinkled, then relaxed. In death as in life Pansy Graham was preceded by a clinging aura Eurydice Wyndham Pease, known as Dicey, identified as the yellow bar soap provided by the Daughters of Milo. That their charge might be dead had yet to appear on the cork board down at the Red and White, where funeral home postings reported who was dead and who wasn’t."
 Transgression by John Henson Webb. Alternative.
     "Some things should not be forgotten. Not all nightmares vanish in the morning; not all nursery rhymes are pleasant."
 OZ by Michele Dutcher. Science Fiction.
     "A mother watches her son enlist in a service branch, but can he make it back to her in time?"

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Audio Fiction
At  Clarkesworld: "(To See the Other) Whole Against the Sky" by E. Catherine Tobler.
At Escape Pod: "Springtime for Deathtraps" by Marjorie James. Science Fiction.
     "The building sat in a small clearing in the jungle, its stone walls radiating solidity and the midday heat. Giant statues of warrior-gods crushing skulls beneath their feet flanked the doorway. Xnab looked from the ornately carved keyhole to his customer and back again."

Old Time Radio
At Relic Radio: Dracula by CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Horror.
At Relic Radio: "The Lights" by X Minus One. Science Fiction.

At Digital Comics Museum: Weird Adventure #2. Horror.

Other Genres
E-Book at Free E-Books Daily: Old Billy by John Nance Garner. Western.
E-Book at Free E-Books Daily: Ghost Cabin by Dakota Lee. Western.

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