Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comics, Gaming, and Science News and Viewpoints #1

A new "experimental" expansion of QuasarDragon, where comic book, gaming, and science news and viewpoints will be linked to for your consideration. Of course some may wonder why Fantasy, SF, and Horror tidbits won't generally* be covered. The simple answer is that's SF Signal territory and QD needs its own identity.
*If this section continues, exceptions may be made for links to SF Signal, the upcoming Hobbit moves, etc.

[Art from "Short People" in Gaming News and Views]

Comics News

Science Headlines


Gaming News and View

Gaming Freebies

Monsters and Traps
"The Forlorn Grey" - "The Gorger" - ""Splicesaur — Dimetrog" (Gamma World)
"Slig" (Gamma World) - "Toxodile" (Gamma World) - "Trapsmith: Bat Trap"

Spells and Items
"Exultation of Aggression" - "Keeping an Eye on You" - "Lover’s Eye"

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