Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Free Fiction. Apex, AntipodeanSF, Conan Motion Comic.

A bonus second free fiction post today! There are only three items, but they are three very big items. First up is the latest issue of Apex Magazine (always great). I don't know how I missed this, but SF Signal scooped me.  So credit where credit is due, though I'll be petty and put it up here, since nobody ever reads this ;-p

 Next is  the November issue of AntipodeanSF, with some cool flash fiction from down under. And lastly, the first three parts of the motion comic book Conan the Barbarian.

 More tomorrow. Art obviously for Apex.

Now Posted: Apex Magazine #42 (November 2012). science fiction, fantasy.
Erzulie Dantor” by Tim Susman.
     "Whispers prowl through the rubble that surrounds the leaning house. Half-fallen buildings stand on either side, as though a careless giant strode through the town and only by chance missed the one house—surely when the gods choose to wreak destruction on all, they are not so capriciously merciful to one."
Splinter” by Shira Lipkin.
     "Jay was the hippie, floppy surfer-bangs, more pot than speed, more folk than punk, and the first time I met him, he seized my hand and Michael’s—completing the circuit, he said, and I could feel it, feel the energy rushing between us, leaping like fish. Felt home. He was the mystic, of all of us."
The Glutton: A Goxhat Accounting Chant” by Eleanor Arnason.
     "The translation of Goxhat poetry presents many problems, due in part to the Goxhat language, but also to the biological and social realities that underlie the language. The foremost problem is the Goxhat’s ambiguous sense of personal identity. Much of the time, Goxhat think of their entire species as a single being. "
Sprig” by Alex Bledsoe.
       "The little boy gazed up at the beautiful girl seated cross-legged on a tree stump. She wore tights, a sparkly skirt, and enormous plastic wings. Her wild hair was decorated with twigs, leaves and flowers. Her small, pointed face was painted with make-up. Strands of plastic ivy decorated the guitar across her lap."
 Now Posted: AntipodeanSF November 2012. Speculative Flash Fiction.
  • "The Duchess The Captain" by Rachel Towns.
  • "The Flesh Trade" by Marcelo Rinesi.
  • "Space Dock Garden" by Maggie Mundy.
  • "Revelation" by Peter Grantham.
  • "Sex As IPR Piracy" by Wes Parish.

At Dark Horse Comics: Conan the Barbarian Motion Comic Parts 1-3
"In this sweeping adaptation of Robert E. Howard's fan-favorite "Queen of the Black Coast," Conan turns his back on the civilized world and takes to the high seas alongside the pirate queen Bêlit, setting the stage for an epic of romance, terror, and swashbuckling."

She had dreams all yesternight
Of her own betrothed knight;
And she in the midnight wood will pray
For the weal of her lover that's far away. 

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