Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eclectic Sunday Mix

An eclectic mix of free fiction and interesting news items, for early Sunday. Maybe more later, we'll see.

At L5R: "In Service to the Empire, Part 2" by Seth Mason. Fantasy.
     “The esteemed Master of Water,” Moshi Sasako said, bowing to Asako Chukage and his attendants. “I was told that there would be Phoenix observers coming here, but I had no idea we would be hosting such an honored guest.”

Flash Fiction at 365 Tomorrows: "Lonely Lights" by Phro Metal. Science Fiction.

Audio Fiction
At Beam Me Up: Episode 340 featuring part 2 of Poul Anderson’ s classic “Call Me Joe” and episode 14 of the Dark Inspector series "In Plain Sight."  

Old Time Radio
At OTR Plot Spot: "'Never Send to Know" - Quiet, Please ,"The Twonky" - Sci-Fi Radio , and "The Dentist" - Nightfall. 

At Relic Radio:  "Shadow Of The Wings" - Quiet Please. Horror.
Other Genres
Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction:  "Every Year the Circus Comes" by Maureen Wilkinson.
  Science News

Hobbit News

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