Friday, November 16, 2012

Part 2

A bit more free fiction and other items of interest.  It's been an insane day so more will likely have to wait until tomorrow.

Now Posted: Issue 18 of On the Premises (Genre stories listed below)
  • "Reset Romance" a speculative story about a romantic relationship gone wrong by John Burridge.
  • "Miss Betty Comes Home" an unusual ghost story by Theresa Rovillo. 
  • "The Quantum Mechanic" a speculative story about some of the bad—and good—that can come from disturbances in time and space by Sarina Dorie.
  • "Transmission" a speculative story about what our recent past might mean to the very distant future by James Calbraith.
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David Scholes said...

My "Soldier of the Brell" novella is free on Amazon until midnight 18November (US Pacific Time) while my "Speculative Fiction - The Ultimate Collection" book will be free on Amazon from 24 - 26 November inclsuive.

Dave Tackett said...

Thanks! I've already linked "Soldier of the Brell" on the 7th and look forward to linking "Speculative Fiction - The Ultimate Collection"