Friday, November 16, 2012

Fantastic Friday Freebies - Part 1

Wow, what a good start to the freebies.  There's some very good Science Fiction and Fantasy in the fiction section, including news entries from Baen, Cosmos, and Daily Science Fiction - great sites all. And "Killing Time continues at Paizo - huzzah!

And there are some great audio fiction stories, including a trio of horror tales from two incredible sites Pseudopod and Tales to Terrify (Save those stories for tonight). There are a pair of stories at the always outstanding Clarkesworld (one new and one I believe I missed earlier this month). Escape Pod (Now up to 369!! outstanding episodes) adds a fun science fiction story. And for the icing on the cake SFFAudio has an adaption of a classic PKD story and LibriVox has Marlowe's classic Doctor Faustus play. [I will try to have a second post today for e-books, comics, flash fiction, news, gaming, and other items I may have missed in the rush this morning]

[Art from "Killing Time" linked below]

At Baen Books: "Angel in Flight" by Sarah A. Hoyt. Science Fiction.
      "The zipway bisected Europe east to west and the speeds and closeness of vehicles were only possible because driving had been turned over to a series of control towers. The passengers in the flyers had nothing to do but read the advertisements, until the zipway exited them at their chosen destination."

At Cosmos: "Woman Train" by Kaaron Warren. Science Fiction.
      "Our clothes are red, our haircuts rough, but we are well, and smart and rich and happy, and the men can’t enter our domain unless we want them to."

At Daily Science Fiction: "This Place From Which All Roads Go" by Jennifer Mason-Black.
      "They come to study us. Not to help. They watch my father struggle his way through his chores and make notes in their notebooks, too busy charting our future to join our present. In any case, I've no reason to believe their help would be of use. Their essence smells different--arid, dusty--and it blisters the leaves it touches."

At Paizo: "Killing Time - Chapter Two: Token of Affection" by Dave Gross. Fantasy.
      "He slid a step closer before thinking better of it. He had a good five inches of height on me. Along with the sword, that gave him plenty of reach. In the narrow alley, that gave him one hell of an advantage. Judging from the purses I saw dangling from his belt, it'd been working out for him so far."

Audio Fiction
At Clarkesworld:
"(To See the Other) Whole Against the Sky" by E. Catherine Tobler.
      "Close your eyes. As you travel farther away from me, your ship becoming little more than a pinprick of light amid infinite pinpricks of light, I want you to remember me as I was the first time you saw me, in the field. The day I glowed."

"Aquatica" by Maggie Clark.
       "When Host laughed, her esca wriggled, and the gills behind her pectoral fins vented hard enough to stir up the silt. Organ tumbled in the waste-stream’s wake, but kept one tiny black eye fixed on her bobbing, bioluminescent beacon—the first he had seen in six turns of the current along the foreign reef."
At Escape Pod: "The Care and Feeding of Mammalian Bipeds, v. 2.1" by M. Darusha Wehm.
       "The first day I meet my human herd they are so well-behaved that I wonder if they really need me at all. I arrive at their dwelling, and am greeted by the largest one of their group. I access the manual with which I have been programmed and skip to Section 3: Verbal and Physical Clues for Sexing Humans."

At Pseudopod: "The Crawlspace" by Russell Bradbury-Carlin. Horror.
      "There was a splash where there shouldn’t have been. [. . .] The splash had sounded distinctly like a weighty object –- a hand, maybe — slapping the surface of a body of water."

At SFFAudio: "Beyond Lies The Wub" Adapted from the story by Philip K. Dick.
     "The wub survived the take-off, sound asleep in the hold of the ship. When they were out in space and everything was running smoothly, Captain Franco bade his men fetch the wub upstairs so that he might perceive what manner of beast it was."

At Tales to Terrify: Episode 45. Horror.
     "Little Pig" by Anna Taborska. and  "An Eye for an Eye" by Nancy Kilpatrick.

Other Genres
Audio at LibriVox: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (1616 version) by Christopher Marlowe.  
The classic "Deal With the Devil" Play.

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