Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Freebies

Running a bit late today, but it's finally ready, today's free fiction collection.  There's a variety of exceptional freebies today/

[Art from Stories from the Faerie Queen linked below, though it is probably the least of today's entries]

Fiction Fiction
At Black Gate:  “Godmother Lizard” by C.S.E. Cooney. Fantasy.
     “This pond,” I informed him, “harbors a fugitive dragonfish from the Viceroy’s own High Temple to the Dead Kings of Koss Var. If you catch it at midday with a… an orphan’s sandal lace” (it was my sandal lace) “and a nail discovered by moonlight” (I had tripped over my sandal lace last night and fell on the nail, nearly but not quite cutting my hand open) “then the dragonfish will grant you three wishes.”

At Cosmos:  "Digital Monkeys" by Lee Michael Ash. Science Fiction.
      "It’s called a brute-force algorithm. Very simple. All you need is a fast computer – a very fast one. And we had the best."

At L5R: "In Service to the Empire, Part 1" by Seth Mason. Fantasy.

      "Shinjo Tsleu, the Ivory Champion, had never wished for a simple life. He was a bright young man by anyone’s standard, and he always felt he had been given a keen mind and strong arm to use in service to the Empire."

At Mindflights: "The Raven and the Moon" by Savannah Jay. Fantasy.
     "Contrary to popular superstition, it was not a man who lived on the moon, but a woman. When first I saw her, pale and ethereal, more apparition than substance, I finally understood why werewolves were driven mad with uncontrollable hunger under the power of her gaze."

At Project Gutenberg: Stories from the Faerie Queen by Jeanie Lang and Edmund Spenser. Children's Fantasy.
     "Florimell passed the knights without seeing them. And even after the robber had ceased to follow her, she fancied that she heard his rough voice and the thud of his horse’s hoofs, and made her white palfrey go faster and yet more fast."

At Strange Horizons: "He Reminds Us" by Jennifer Linnaea. speculative fiction
     "The premier landscape artist of the century tells me that the light is wrong. He tells me we'll have to come back tomorrow:"

At The WiFiles: "Time Machine" by Karla Evans. speculative fiction
      "I was walking back up the hill to my dorm, passing the Ronald McDonald house, thinking about lunch, when BAM—shot by a sorostitute in a convertible.  The white-dressed passenger waved her water gun and giggled as the driver hit the gas."

Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
At Author's Site: "The MVP - Episode #5" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Football.
      Needless to say, Krakens are in dire straits. Quentin and his friens wake up into a new nightmare ..."

At LibriVox: The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting. Children's Fantasy.
      "Besides the gold-fish in the pond at the bottom of his garden, had rabbits in the pantry, white mice in his piano, a squirrel in the linen closet and a hedgehog in the cellar."

At PRISelected Shorts "Money, Greed and Power"  Mainsteam. Science Fiction.
      "First, Kevin Canty’s “Where the Money Went” profiles a failed marriage in terms of goods consumed. The reader is Jack Davidson. Then Teagle Bougere reads an excerpt from Binyavanga Wainana’s “One Day I Will Write About This Place,” in which a drifting college graduate finds his life’s work. George Saunders’ “My Flamboyant Grandson” rounds out the show with a futuristic tale of intrusive consumer watchdogs. The reader is Harris Yulin."

At Toasted Cake: "The Mannequin's Itch" by Kenneth Schneyer. Fantasy.
     "The mannequin felt her skin itch whenever the sirens went off. It was on the outside of her thigh, just under where the flowered print on the yellow fabric fell. She would have liked to reach down and scratch that place—the only gesture she ever wished for, except that once in a while, she thought it would be nice to wave at the passersby. She thought that that was a sort of itch too."

Other Genres

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