Saturday, December 15, 2012

Early Bradbury and a Bit More

A few goodies to start the day. Project Gutenberg (arguably the most important site on the internet) has a real find, a pair of fanzines edited by a young Ray Bradbury, and featuring articles by a couple other recognizable names.  There are a few other goodies, including a couple of pulp-fiction stories and more. More later.

[Art from Futuria Fantasia Summer 1939]

• At Project Gutenberg: Futuria Fantasia - Summer 1939 and Fall 1939. Edited by Ray Bradbury.
     "For some time I have been wondering what the world is coming to. More than once I have got up in the middle of the nite, padded toward the bureau, and, peering into the mirror, exclaimed, "Stinky, what is the world coming to?"

Free Fiction
  • Flash Fiction at 365 Tomorrows: "Nano Chevall" by Morrow Brady. Science Fiction.
  • Old Time Radio at Boxcars711: "In The Groove" - Vanishing Point 1985.

Other Genres

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