Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Freebies Part One -

The first wave of today's freebies contains three short stories (All at great sites), four audio fiction podcasts, including one by one of my favorite contemporary writers, Cat Rambo (unfortunately no description of the story was available), some cool classic comics, and some selections from other genres. Much more to come, including a possible whine about Google adding more advertisements ) so break out your world's tiniest violins.

[art from "[term UNTRANSLATABLE]" linked below]

At Buzzy Mag: "Forgotten Gifts" by Andrew Jack. Fantasy.
     "The man in the red suit tightened his black belt another notch. He was going to have to punch some new holes in it soon. He was no longer fat enough for the uniform. It had been a gift from a close friend, a long time ago. He hadn’t been jolly for longer than he could remember."

At Cosmos: "[term UNTRANSLATABLE]" by Robert Hood. Science Fiction.
      "Everyone in the world received the Message – or at least those with email or an online social media account of some kind did. The others? They were too irrevocably primitive to matter. For all intents and purposes, they were already redundant."

At Daily Science Fiction: "Under a Sky of Knives" by Michelle Muenzler.
     "I'll kill him," Helene says. "I'll rip out his heart and throw it to the crows." Autumn winds tear at her hair, lashing her face with black tendrils."

 Audio Fiction
At Drabblecast: "Pop Quiz" by Curtis James McConnell. Science Fiction.
     "By the Earth-Stypei Treaty of The Twenty-third Local Year of Our Interaction, as amended, suspected Stypean sympathizers may be detained by duly empowered authorities only so long as the unbreachable sovereignty of the Stypean body-host is not violated [. . .]"

At Pseudopod: "Flash On The Borderlands XIV: Resistance!" Horror.
     "No Further" by Matthew Atchison, "The Conchie" by J. Chant, and "Bitter Tea & Braided Hair" by Henry Lu.

At SFFAudio: "Of Withered Apples" by Philip K. Dick. Science Fiction.
      "A young farm wife goes off scrumping, but her husband and father-in-law stay home"

At Tales to Terrify: "Events at Fort Plentitude" by Cat Rambo. Horror.
      From WEIRD TALES, March, 2008.


Other Genres
Audio at Bound Off: Podcast #82.
      "Dreams" by Duncan Whitmire and "Fat Elvis" by Richard Fulco.
Audio at Classic Tales Podcast: "The Chimes, Part 3 of 4" by Charles Dickens.
Non-Fiction at Project Gutenberg: The Golden Bough (Third Edition, Vol. 4 of 12) by Sir James George Frazer. Mythology. 1911.

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