Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Freebies Part Two - Five Ezines and More

Wow five more free e-zines, including the two flash fiction ones!  There's the always great Apex Magazine with three short stories (be sure to check out the whole magazine though, there's also non-fiction there). Plasma Frequency has its third issue up, and two new for here ezines The Dream People and Kazka Press have flash fiction up.  And mixed news, another good looking new for here ezine Dark Recesses Press has its thirteenth issue available for free PDF download, but its the final issue. There's also more great free fiction, flash fiction, ebooks, gaming items, and more.

I'll spare you most of my extra advertising whine.  It's just a bit disconcerting to find extra advertisements on QD that I didn't put there and, even worse, are of the fake link type which are more annoying than pop-ups. argh!

[art for Apex Magazine below]

At Weirdyear: "Remembering" by Susan Dale. Weird Fiction.
       "David walked with his shadows stretched across the earth: hollow within, soul yearning, heart heavy. Yesterdays, his only companions. With padded steps, he moved onwards: silent, quick."

Now Posted: Apex Magazine Issue 43 – December 2012  (Fantasy, SF, Horror Magazine)
 "Blood from Stone” by Alethea Kontis.
       "He had no idea that I loved him. He barely acknowledged that I existed, a maid twice over, little more than a shadow in empty hallways. Trapped in unhappy marriage and prisoner in his own castle, he did not conceive that anyone loving him was even possible. The baron was a man of war, not of love."
Labyrinth” by Mari Ness.
      "It is a true enough guess—but the doors open only after they have been marked with the fingernails and teeth of those desperate enough for water to try to claw through bronze and gold before their deaths. Some attempt to outwit us by waiting at the beginning of the maze or some other place for a time, hoping we will let down our guard, or that we, too, will grow weary with hunger and thirst."
Relic” by Jeffrey Ford.
      "Out at the end of the world on a long spit of land like a finger poking into oblivion, nestled in a valley among the dunes, sat The Church of Saint Ifritia, constructed from twisted driftwood and the battered hulls of ships. There was one tall, arched window composed of the round bottoms of blue bottles."
Now Posted: Dark Recesses Press #13 (final issue). Horror.
  • "Post-American Princess" by Abby Goldsmith,
  • "Three Second Memory" by Anna Schwind.
  • "Borderland Fancy" by Mekenzie Larsen 
  • "Where The Wiffle Ball Went" by Geoffrey W. Cole.
  • "Club" by Drew Wilcox.
  • "Three Grams" by Jamie Lackey.
  • "Rosie’s Knife" by J. Adrian Cook.
  • "The Dead Factory" by Chris Stageman.
  • "13" by Craig Wallwork.
  • "Wood & Flesh" by Sunil Sadanand. 
Now Posted Plasma Frequency #3 (Speculative Fiction Magazine in E-Book formats)
     "Fiction by K.S. Dearsley, Sarina Dorie. Bev Elliott, Joanna Michal Hoyt, Nathaniel Katz, Tim McDaniel, Kate O'Conner, Travis Omernick, Shane D. Rhinewald, and Mark Wolf"
Flash Fiction
At Flashes in the Dark: "Secrets" by Jim Harrington. Horror.
At New Scientist: "Too good to be true" by Jouni Sarkijarvi. Science Fiction.
At New Scientist:"Go D" by Michael Rolfe. Science Fiction.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Cerebral Mechanics" by Desmond Hussey. Science Fiction.
At The Dream People: ("stylized fiction that escapes the boundaries of reality")
At Kazka Press: Holiday Speculative Fiction.
At Smashwords:
At Free eBooks Daily:
Other Genres
  • Flash Fiction at Spinetingler: "Harvest of Smiles" by Jason Ridler. Suspense.
  • Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Re: Camp" by D. B. Dubuisson. Suspense.
  • E-Book at Free eBooks Daily: Mr. Pettigrew by L.J. Martin. Western.

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