Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Holiday Free Fiction Links

 Back after a holiday day off with some very good stuff.  There's some fantastic free fiction at some of the big name sites, and some equally good audio fiction!  More later.

 Today's QD radio is "The Thing From The Sea" a classic weird horror tale from Dark Fantasy (1941).

 [Art from Drabblecast]

• At The Colored Lens: "The Transfiguration of Vincent" by Ana-Maria Molon. Slipstream.
      "I don’t believe in miracles. I don’t believe in magic. Yet Beatrice insists that it was a combination of these asinine forces that saved Vincent’s life. What words does she use to describe Maggie’s death? She has none. Which is fitting, for neither do I."

• At Lightspeed: "Family Teeth (Part 6): St. Polycarp’s Home For Happy Wanderers" by Sarah Langan. Fantasy.
      "Sheila Halpern got her looks from her Momma, who died pushing her out. Died before, even, but still kept pushing. “You’re the prettiest thing in the whole darn world,” her daddy told her the day he put her on the train for the St. Polycarp’s Home for Happy Wanderers, his age-soft teeth all chipped so everything sounded muffled. She was eight years old, lice riddled, and 90% liar like her daddy."

• At Lightspeed:  "Lázaro y Antonio" by Marta Randall. Science Fiction.
     "Sure Lázaro was broke, but he still wasn’t interested in rolling drunks, not even rich belligerent Academy chilito drunks. This one had shown up last night with some pendejo brotherhood, too many to take on, but tonight he was alone and still a dick so Lázaro had no qualms about holding Antonio’s new foxleather jacket while Antonio whacked the guy’s fright-coifed blond head, just precisely so."

• At Night Shade Books: Eclipse Online - "The Memcordist" by Lavie Tidhar. Science Fiction.
     "Beyond the dome the ice-storms of Titan rage; inside it is warm, damp, with the smell of sewage seeping through and creepers growing through the walls of the above-ground dwellings. He tries to find her scent in the streets of Polyport and fails."

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Foul Weather" by Daniel H. Wilson. Horror.
      "Some things you  can’t figure out. Not even with a whole heap of scratch paper and a ribbon of data from a chattering teletype machine. Not before time runs out. And time is like progress—she’s not stopping for anybody. The answer is out there, though, in the weather."

Flash Fiction 
Audio Fiction
• At DrabbleCast: "Postapocalypsemas" by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw.
      "It was just a whiff, a few molecules of something familiar and therefore sweet, wafting on a late afternoon breeze that otherwise carried only the usual: formaldehyde, benzene, dioxin, chromium, and miscellaneous particulate matter both organic and non-."

• At Lightspeed: "Family Teeth (Part 6): St. Polycarp’s Home For Happy Wanderers" by Sarah Langan. Fantasy.
      Described above.

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Foul Weather" by Daniel H. Wilson. Horror.
      Described above

      "When I climbed the hill of bones, the shaman was waiting for me,” Darren said, stirring Nutrasweet into his herbal tea.  “Except now he was a giant rat.  Like ten feet tall."

• At StarShipSofa: "The Boneless One - Part 2" by Alec Nevala-Lee.
      No description
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