Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lovecraft eZine and More

 A few more good free fiction items, including the always awesome Lovecraft eZine,

• Now Posted: Lovecraft eZine #20. Horror.
"Of Faith and Fallow" by William R.D. Wood
     "Deidre Lopez slumped on the side of the bed, elbows on her knees, face pressed into her hands. Pain hammered in her skull threatening to splinter bone with each blow from her heart."
"The Dead of Winter" by Jay Caselberg
      "When you walk the streets of Moscow, though you may not know it, you walk among the dead.  In every city there lies a risk, but if you treat the uncertainty dispassionately, with just a jot of sang-froid, then you survive." 
"Herbert West in Love" by Molly Tanzer
        "A boy called West sat in the back row, hand aloft, arm quivering with tension. Behind his thick spectacles his eyes were firmly fixed upon the professor as the man scrawled “voluntas aegroti suprema lex” across the board. When the chalk squeaked halfway through suprema, West was the only student who did not flinch."
"Wind Walker" by Neil John Buchanan.
      "It occurs to Hugh Gibson as the Fiat Galaxy shudders beneath his feet that driving a clapped-out banger through the worst snowstorm in history might have been a bad idea. He should have bought the hire car like Maggie wanted: something big with four-wheel drive, and six-foot tyres, capable of driving over any terrain – snow, ice, even water – and making it to their cottage in the woods."
"Yule Log" by Richard Holland.
       "The log had not come willingly from the earth. It was if the roots at its base had gripped the peat in a fist of refusal. All the men on the estate had found themselves called to assist: pounding with mattocks, hauling on slippery chains or seeking a purchase on the slimy surface of the wood to drag it from its resting place deep in the bog."
• At Yesterday Fiction: "Ewan Dools" by Beth J. Whiting. Fantasy.
      "Ewan Dools was a strange boy. He wore glasses and had bad posture. It was sixth grade. He always sat alone on recess crocheting. The blonde whose name was Natalie knew her grandmother did it. But how many boys crocheted?"
Flash Fiction
At Every Day Fiction: "A Neodymium Christmas" by Chris Behrsin. Science Fiction.
At 365 Tomorrows: "Suriel" by Jae Miles. Science Fiction.
At 365 Tomorrows:  "It’s The Little Things" by Clint Wilson. Science Fiction.

• via Pixel of Ink:  Wander Dust by Michelle Warren. Fantasy.
• at Free eBooks Daily.
Other Genres
Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Distant Thunder" by Andrew Stancek.
Audio Fiction at 19 Nocturne Boulevard - Christmas Stories

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