Saturday, December 8, 2012


Just a few freebies today as well as some news. The image is from the Sorcerer and the White Snake, which looks good, despite some rather weak CGI. Back tomorrow.

Audio Fiction
At Escape Pod: "Chandra’s Game" by Samantha Henderson. Science Fiction.
     "Chandra’s Game roots in the side of a barren asteroid moon like a tick.  Over the years we’ve burrowed deeper into rock and ice until poor Chandra is mostly Game.  We loop the twin wormholes, Gehenna and Tartarus, roundabout in a figure eight, ready to catch the freighters as they escape from hell’s dark maw.  We strip them of goods and drink their heat, load them up and send them into another hell.  It’s a profitable game, Chandra’s."

At LibriVox: "Tanks" by Murray Leinster.
    "Two miles of American front had gone dead. And on two lone infantrymen, lost in the menace of the fog-gas and the tanks, depended the outcome of the war of 1932."  First Published in Astounding Stories of Super-Science No. 1, January, 1930

Flash Fiction
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Other Genres
Audio at Radio Drama Revival: "A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.
Fiction at Online Pulps: "Nursery Crime" by Joe Archibald. Crime 1945. and "Gunman's Christmas" by Caddo Cameron. Western 1946.

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