Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Freebies

More free fiction to finish off the weekend.

At Adventures in Fiction: " by Keanan Brand.
      "Either the rebel servant was no rebel, or the house guard had finally arrived at the notion of checking behind all the planters. Armed men escorted Finney past Bosko, lying sunburned and unconscious, into the cool interior of the villa and down dim corridors to a high-ceilinged chamber hung with gauzy curtains over the lattice-cut windows."

At The WiFiles: "A Funeral in Jerusalem" by Mark L. Glosser. Speculative Fiction.
     "The nondescript panel truck parked near the Qnai safe house in the Mea Shearim section of Jerusalem was easy to overlook.  This was intentional; it was one of the mobile command units used by the Investigation and Command Division of the Israeli National Police.  Inspector Ari Rosen, a thick slab of a man, monitored the audio and video feeds in the truck while the rest of his men were concealed in the evening darkness."

Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
At Author's Site: "The MVP Episode #9" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Football.
     "The Krakens finally leave Prawatt Jihad space, and we learn that it's more than just sports fans that have their eye on Quentin Barnes. As Quentin and his teammates return to Ionath City, he is reminded of all that has been lost in the team's endless pursuit for a title."

At Beam Me Up:  Episode #343. Science Fiction/Science Fact.
      Featuring Poul Anderson’s "Call Me Joe" pt5 and "In Plain Sight" ep16 by Jason Kahn.

At Cast of Wonders: "The Gloaming (Part 1)" by M E Garber. YA Fantasy.
       "As Halloween approached, I wondered if the rustlings and motions in the night were goblins, checking out the neighborhood. And if I didn’t believe I saw them, would they stay away?"

At Fantastic World Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 09 - The Return of Tarzan"
     "Tarzan is on assignment in Algeria as part of his new post for the French War ministry. He is investigating Lt. Gernois, who is suspected of passing state secrets to a major European power."

At LibriVox: "Cocoa Break Collection, Vol. 02" Children's Fantasy/Fairy Tales.
      "This is a collection of international fairy tales clocking in at 5-15 minutes apiece, suitable for childrens' winter cocoa breaks, or other times when quality entertainment is needed."

At Relic Radio: "The Treasure Of Kublai Khan" - The Hall Of Fantasy. Dark Fantasy. OTR.

Other Genres
Audio at Selected Shorts: "What’s Going On?"
     Jonathan Lethem’s “The Empty Room”  and two Raymond Carver stories, “Why Don’t You Dance” and "Neighbors"
Fiction at "The Fields of Sleep" by Steven Anthony George. Mystery.
Fiction at "Cora, Not Corny Coral" by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek.

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