Saturday, December 1, 2012

Save the World - Buy This Inexpensive Book!

Perhaps a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but as we have often noted here the author, Regan Wolfrom, is dangerously insane.  If this collection of well written short stories doesn't sell, who knows? I've always suspected Regan was about one or two disappointments from becoming a mad scientist and/or super-villain. Don't provide the excuse, buy the book!  Despite the title and cover, the book is neither "chick-lit" nor a "bodice-ripper" nor the story of an ex-nun joining N.O.W.. It's about "Oh, you know… stuff… like succubi, wolfmen, zombiesa little cannibalismsome gnome sex… Some of it’s funny. Some of it’s a little scary. All of it’s pretty weird."

If saving the world (maybe even universe) from a mad experiment isn't enough, there is a free sample story Maddy McKay and the Elves in Her House available at Smashwords. If you like the story (and you probably will) buy the rest - if you don't like it, take one for team universe and buy it anyway. Buy it here or here if you have a cool accent but misspell many words.

"From the slightly* askew mind of Regan Wolfrom comes this collection of hilariously dark tales of love, death, and horrible timing.

Heather Smythe
Pretty. Shy. About as lapsed as a Catholic can get.
Trapped in the a cult of killer succubi with a taste for East Hollywood douches.

Amanda Hackensack
Somewhat tall. Can't dunk. Never knew her father.
Wakes up in a world of voodoo and zombies that she knows shouldn't exist.

Marguerite Frunkel
Lonely. Awkward. Painfully ginger.
Finds two strange little gnomes who show her just what she's been missing.

Laura Daniels
Political outsider. Maverick. Avowed crazy cat lady.
Learns the sinister truth behind her unexpected electoral success.

Stephanie Munro
Hard working. Hard drinking. Hard to please.
Comes to regret taking a trip on the edge of the world with people she knows she shouldn't trust.

Marie-Claire Grimson
Pink hair. Pretty smile. Like to eat people.
May soon discover that meat is murder no matter how you slice it.

Maddy McKay
A little lonely. A little self-conscious. Starving to death.
Trying to slim down to starving model size, but her little housemates don't seem all that supportive.

Vanessa Dervoe
Softball legend. Proud Yooper. Breathes underwater.
Her strange gift has gotten her nowhere in life, stuck in a sad amusement park and surrounded by death.

Kara Hermin
Mysterious. Troubled. Fun at parties.
Has lived a long and dangerous life, and may be forced to live it all over again."

* "slightly" lol, "slightly" rotfl, slightly??? snicker - biggest understatement ever!

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