Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Few Good Freebies

Two more cool e-zines, some good audio fiction, and a bit more.  All free, almost all within the speculative fiction continuum.

• Now Posted:  Allegory - Vol. 20/47 Winter 2012.
"The Boy " by Norm Hendricks.
     "The boy was born on Valentine’s Day during a deep freeze when Sinclair could hear the ice on the lake splintering along the pebbled shore, the sound fragmenting against the cries of the newborn. Sinclair took great satisfaction from both sounds. Lakes, like a man’s life, were subject to seasons."
"West Gate"  by Mitchell Edgeworth.
       ""I'm cold," Sasha complained from her booster seat in the back. She was trundled up in a thick parka and her mittens and her owl beanie, but she was right. It was freezing. John had switched the engine off to conserve petrol, and the interior heat had seeped away in minutes."
"Wishful Thinking" by Kristen Winiarski.
      "I open the drapes next to my bed to look out. The street lights allow me to see the pouring rain. Suddenly lightning streaks across the sky before it gets answered by another rumble. “I’ll hear thunder and I’ll be struck with wonder. But I won’t have to look a second time,” Frank sings. I resist the urge calling me to open the window. I long to feel the sprinkling of rain on my skin, close my eyes and listen to the thunder."
"Omen"  by KJ Medico.
      "Of course I had never liked Halloween. In fact, I found the whole concept quite hideous. It didn’t make sense to me why a whole population of creatures would choose to celebrate death and horror. The world was already terrifying enough without cackling witches, flickering jack-o-lanterns and ghouls floating about."
"The Kiss"  by Graham Connors.
      "The walls are stripped bare of photographs; all the furniture moved into another room. Candles dot the parlour throwing a sharp flickering light. Joseph watches as the gathered crowd moves around quietly, a strange flutter in his stomach as goose bumps wash across his shoulders. He shakes it off but something, inside, is whispering - telling him to be careful. Amanda turns, after spotting her parents in the corner."
"Found"  by Jean Davis.
      "The first time Adam McIntire hid, he was four years old. Sick of being dragged from one store to the next, he only wanted to hide for a few minutes, just long enough to rest his feet and escape the shrill voices of the salesladies and their cheek-pinching fingers. He squeezed his eyes shut and wished himself hidden with all his might."
"Brownie Bites"  by Melinda Moore.
      "I shake my head and turn to my counter. Sitting on top of the can of refrigerated pizza dough is the brownie in a mottled umber suit with a jingle bell at the tip of his cap. He waves to me and jumps down. “Let's go, Taryn. We have a million dollars to win.” I look at my neighbors, but neither is looking our way. “Don't worry. No one can see me but you.”"
"The Bus Will Self-Destruct" by Wayne Helge.
      "Reaching forward, he nearly flinched when his skin touched cold metal. His finger moved around the raised circles on the button's face. First inside, then further out. Then the edge of the button. He pushed gently, just to try it. Nothing happened. How hard would he have to push to blow up the bus?"
• Now Posted: Quantum Muse - January 2013
Flash Fiction
• At Nature: "First Foot" by Deborah Walker. Science Fiction.

Audio Fiction
• At Escape Pod: "Real Artists" by Ken Liu. Science Fiction.
     "Sophia squinted in the golden California sun that fell on her through the huge windows of the conference room. She wanted to pinch herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. She was here, really here, on the hallowed campus of Semaphore Pictures, in an interview with the legendary Palladon."

• At 19 Nocturne Boulevard: Fatal Girl 5 - "Star Quality"
       "A TV talent show is a nexus of evil. And there are demons, too."

• At 19 Nocturne Boulevard: Afterlives 2.2 - "Scared of the Dark"
      "Afterlives is a tale of what happens after death, or maybe afterlife.... and it isn't at all what you would expect."

Other Genres
• Fiction at The Western Online: "Tank Mullins is Coming!" by Lowell "Zeke" Ziemann. Western.

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