Thursday, January 3, 2013

E-Zines, Flash Fiction and More Free Fiction

Lots more great free fiction today including a nice looking new SF e-zine,  Indian SF (h/t SF Signal) and the always great Abyss & Apex. There are many flash fiction stories today, and much more.  I'll try to have a second post today - no promises.

Today's "QD Radio" is the first episode of the classic SF radio series Dimension X, "No Contact"
"A test pilot on an experimental high altitude aircraft with only ten minutes worth of fuel disappears from radar for ten hours, yet returns safely. Of course, it is impossible, as is his story of contact with aliens and the dire warning they have for Mankind." - OTRplotspot.

[Art from Indian SF #1, linked below.]


• At Daily Science Fiction: "The Miracle on Tau Prime" by Alex Shvartsman.
        "The investigators arrived in the morning. Father Laughlin and Father Sauer trudged through the dense, chilly fog from their shuttle to the spaceport terminal just as the twin suns of the Tau system began to paint the eastern horizon in yellow hues."

• Now Posted: Abyss & Apex Issue 45 -1st Quarter 2013
Heartland” by Crystal Koo.
     "Whenever my wife spoke Mongolian, it sounded like a gale going through khag bones. I always saw a picture in my head every time I heard it: Maral-Erdene Otryadyn in her youth, pitching gigantic tents, racing large bovines, Earth’s yellow-dwarf sun setting over the grasslands. The only thing wrong with the picture was I wasn’t in it."
Acrimony Grout” by Jay Caselberg.
     "had a well-developed sense of his place in the cosmos. From his magnificent tick-tock spire overlooking the city he would scan the surrounds, peering out from his narrow slit-window and occasionally reach up to pat down the lank remaining strands of his buttercup-tinged hair across his balding moon-like pate.  This ritual occurred daily, if not more frequently.  Of course, his ministrations were unconscious: Acrimony Grout was barely aware of it, if at all."
The Shadow Artist” by Ruth Nestvold.
      "The Shadow Artist bent slowly in the late afternoon light, stretching one arm high, fingers spread wide, and twisting the other arm just right, so the shadow cast along Seward Avenue became a snake climbing up a tree. Here, just south of the Arctic circle, shortly after summer solstice, he would be able to play with light and shadow for hours, telling stories in the main street of Rolynka, Alaska, nearly all night if he wanted."
And Our Lady Splendor” by Matthew Wuertz.
      "A small, black screen projected Gavin’s typed commands as he drummed them out from memory.  His eyes strayed to the viewport; had it not automatically sealed itself during the last course change, Gavin would have faced a blinding view of the sun."
The Third Attractor” by Mjke Wood.
      “I . . . I’m sorry?” Vienna Marshall was startled. She felt heat at the back of her neck. She became aware of the watching eyes, Parisian intellectuals, jazz club regulars, sitting all around her, amused, waiting to see how she would reply.
• Now Posted: Indian SF - Issue #1. [Via SF Signal]
"Staying Behind" by Ken Liu.
       "Those that have uploaded to machines try to steal children."
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" by Ram V.
       "There is more to the wolves that the boy sees in his dreams." 
"Goddess" by Lavanya Karthik.
      "A man finds a Goddess with three heads in Bhopal after the Gas."
• Now Posted: SQ Mag #6
Flash Fiction
• At Abyss & Apex: "Grampy Cybercop" by J.P. Boyd.
• At Every Day Fiction:  "Annuals" by Ian Breen. Fantasy.
• At Indian SF: "X Marks the Spot" by Kat Otis.
• At 365 Tomorrows: "War is Hell" by J.D. Rice. Science Fiction.
• At Flash Fiction Friday:
• Poetry at Abyss & Apex:
• At AntipodeanSF:
Old Time Radio
  • At Relic Radio: "Murder Castle" - Lights Out. Horror. (1938)
  • At Boxcars711: "Last Visit" - Nightfall. Horror. (1980)
  • At Boxcars711:  "Worlds Apart" - 2000 Plus. Science Fiction. (1950)
Other Genres

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