Monday, January 21, 2013

Freebies Finally

Due to unforeseen circumstances, posts are likely to be a irregular for the next few weeks.  But, never fear, the free links and more will continue, as with the great ones below.

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• At Author's Site: Thieves' Honor, ep 25: "Walking Through Walls, part 3"  by Keanan Brand.       "This week's episode is a "director's cut", containing deleted scenes cut from what was originally published in Ray Gun Revival. They were lost due to length—the episode was already too long"

• At Author's Site: Kat and Mouse - "Ties That Bind" - Part Five by Abner Senires.      "Then the other pursuit car appeared, shooting around the bend two hundred meters in front of us, just past the freeway entrance. Automatic fire flashed from the passenger side window."  

• At Buzzy Mag: "The Composer" by Grant Grogan.       "A heart-shaped vise tightened in Heather’s chest as she walked the overgrown stone pathway. It was not so long ago that she was sneaking down this same path under a starlit sky, shoes in hand, with anticipation coursing through her like an electric current." 

  • At "Escape to Here" by Ol Wilson. Fantasy.       "The Eastern Gate was deserted, save for the huddled family that awaited transfer to the Deep. He could see from their dirty and malnourished faces that they were no surface dwellers, their skin was too ashen and pale, pallid even in the sweet air of the cities' edge. No, these people were from the Deep, the shanty slum that rose from the core, eight levels down. Those that lived there often gave it a different name however; many simply called it Hell."

• At "Taken, One after Another" by Tim McDaniel. Fantasy.      "That was the way it was, ever since the dead started walking again – the Zombie Uprising that had seemed like just a stupid joke until it actually happened.  How?  Who knew.  Why?  An even more impossible question.  We just crouched in the darkness of the Payless Shoes storage room, keeping quiet.  Dark, so maybe they wouldn’t see us.  Quiet, so maybe they wouldn’t hear us."

• At Strange Horizons: "Dysphonia in D Minor" by Damien Walters Grintalis.
      "There were buildings in the capitol city said to be her creations, towering things of arches and alcoves, rooms that swallowed up every sound, every heartbeat."

 • At The WiFiles: "Barnett Hill" by Anne E. Johnson.      "The wagon accident three years before had broken her spine, so she couldn’t walk. Her so-called husband?in name only, as they say?had no idea what to do with her. Every day he wheeled her out onto the porch and left her there. For hours and hours sometimes, until he or one of the farmhands happened to remember she existed, and wheeled her in again."

 • At Wily Writers: “Presenting the Mobius Follies” by Tom Brennan.       "Driving up Walnut Creek Parkway toward Sam Petchey’s estate, Joel dry-swallowed two painkillers and rubbed his eyes. The hot greasy air shimmered, as before a thunderstorm, but the hills around Los Angeles carried no anvil clouds. What a day for a wasted journey." 

  Flash Fiction
 • At Beam Me Up: “Tribute” by Doug Turnbull and part 1 of "Last Resort" by Stephen Bartholomew.           No description found

 • At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 19 - The Return of Tarzan" 
           "Tarzan has been made chief of his new tribe, the Waziri – following the death of the old chief Waziri. Tarzan’s wisdom as leader while trouncing the Arab slave traders and their Manuema henchmen is unquestioned. Tarza now turns his eye toward a fabled city of jewels and gold visited in legend by ancestors of the tribe."

 • At Toasted Cake: "A Brief Respite from Eternity" by Alex Shvartsman.        
      "It's so very green," said Iolanthe. "Why can't we have colors like this on the ship?"  '

 • At Strange Horizons: "Dysphonia in D Minor" by Damien Walters Grintalis.      
     Described above.

 • At Wily Writers: “Presenting the Mobius Follies” by Tom Brennan.      

     Described above.

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