Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Freebies

 Lots of good freebies today, including fiction, flash fiction,e-books, audio fiction, and other genres.

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 [Art from Alien Hunter, Star Trooper in the e-book section]


• At Author's Site: "Unnatural Disaster" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Fantasy.
      "Tadero thinks Denne sent her on a fool’s errand—until she stumbles across something on the beach. Something that poses a far greater threat than the tsunami, the storm, or anything else the former Chicago cop has ever faced"

• At Kat & Mouse: "Ties That Bind" - Part Four" by Abner Senires.
       "Then we hogtied Isaac with zipties and a length of rope, gagged him with an old bandana, then deposited him in the trunk of the sedan. Joshua parked it back on the street then joined us in the Shelby."

• At L5R: "Notice Me" by Robert Denton. Fantasy.
     "Moshi Yokohime awakened with a scream, darting up from her bed. Her hand went immediately to her neck. She held it there for long moments before breathing a quiet, relieved sigh. It was only a dream. A nightmare. Nothing more."

• At Strange Horizons: "Inventory" by Carmen Maria Machado.
       "I'm the dad, and you're the mom," she said. I pulled up my shirt, she pulled up hers, and we just stared at each other. My heart fluttered between my legs, but I worried about daddy longlegs and her parents finding us. I still have never seen Jurassic Park. I suppose I never will.

Flash Fiction
• At Amazon: Fire Mage by John Forrester. Fantasy. [via Pixel of Ink]
• At Amazon: Alien Hunter, Star Trooper by David Scholes. Science Fiction.
• At Free eBooks Daily:
Audio Fiction
• At Author's Site: "The MVP Episode #14" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Football.
      "Game on! The first game of the regular season pits Ionath against the Isis Ice Storm. Is this the Krakens' year? Quentin and his teammates say goodbye to career-long Krakens players, giving him another insight into the many facets of Gredok the Splithead."

• At Beam Me Up: "Healthy Eating" by K.S.Dearsley.
     "That's your job." Dr Vinkriss shredded a strip of goat-silk bandage. “You people have been warned about buying unauthorized food, but you never listen. I'll have to report it, you know. You're breeding rights will probably be revoked."
• At Cthulhu: The House on the Borderland, parts 13 & 14 by William Hope Hodgson. Horror.
      No description

• At SFFaudio: "Polaris" by H.P. Lovecraft. Horror.
      "Into the North Window of my chamber glows the Pole Star with uncanny light. All through the long hellish hours of blackness it shines there. And in the autumn of the year, when the winds from the north curse and whine, and the red-leaved trees of the swamp mutter things to one another in the small hours of the morning under the horned waning moon, I sit by the casement and watch that star."

• At Strange Horizons: "Inventory" by Carmen Maria Machado.
      Described above.

Other Genres
  • Audio at Crime City Central: "Call Me, I’m Dying" by Allan Guthrie.
  • Audio at Tales of Old: "Other Wishes" by Richard Zwicker. Detective.
  • Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Red  Handed" by Patricia C. Anderson. Humor.

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