Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Part One

A good eclectic mix of free genre fiction to begin the day.

 Today's QD Radio is Dimension X - "No Contact"
"A strange invisible barrier is frustrating Man's attempts to explore the depths of space. Six expeditions have been lost trying to cross it, their fate a mystery since no signal can pass through the barrier. This is the story of the seventh..." - OTR PlotSpot.

• At Author's Site: "Thieves' Honor, ep 23: "Walking Through Walls" (pt 1)" by Keanan Brand.
      "Mars held out his hand. The sergeant returned his sidearm; Mars holstered it then shouldered his duffle and strode across the security bay, the clearing area for all the personnel and goods coming aboard the Orpheus. Being part of the captain’s security detail, Gaines shouldn’t have seemed so out of place down here, but he looked as nervous as a quenya bug stranded in sunlight."

• At Kat and Mouse: "Ties That Bind - Part Three" by Abner Senires.
      I turned back to Rachel. "I think you two better start talking," I said. "We're not taking your job until we know who he is"--I nodded at Isaac--"and what's going on."
• At L5R:  "Finding the Balance" by Seth Mason. Fantasy.
    "In Rokugan, a simple priest of the Dragon Clan finds himself embroiled in the battle against the Dark Naga, the sinister serpentine threat to the entire Emerald Empire."

• At The WiFiles: "Crimes Against Humanity" by Rhonda Parrish.
     "I don’t need your pity. There are the whiners who will go on and on about how we’re the unfortunate ones, like somehow surviving is worse than being turned into one of them. Bullshit, man, that’s just utter crap. Sure it’s tough, surviving, but it beats the crap out of the alternative. Dead is, well, dead and undead is worse."

Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
• At Author's Site: "The MVP Episode #13" by Scott Sigler. Science Fiction. Football.
      "A pre-season injury throws the Krakens future into question. John Tweedy demands new players for his defense, but the way he wants to do it rubs Quentin the wrong way. And once again, the rumors start up of Becca "The Wrecka" Montagne taking Quentin's spot at quarterback."

• At Beam Me Up: "Equalization" by David Scholes.Science Fiction.
       No description found.

• At Drama Pod: "A Visit to the Catacombs" by J  J. Weintrau.
        "And yes, to remove anything from the premises, from the smallest stone to an undiscovered fragment of a relic, is a criminal offense. The Altamontivecchi catacombs are a national treasure."

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 15 - The Return of Tarzan"
     "Tarzan has found himself thrown overboard into the Atlantic. Finding a derelict lifeboat, he successfully navigates to land – the very beach whereon lies the cabin of his father – the place where he was born and raised"

• At Selected Shorts: "Exchange" by Ray Bradbury.
     "Guest host John Lithgow introduces three stories about reading and writing. First, Walter R. Brooks’ talking horse Mr. Ed learns to read, with hilarious consequences, in “Ed Has His Mind Improved,” performed by Tony Roberts. In Ray Bradbury’s “Exchange,” read by Rochelle Oliver, an overworked librarian has her spirits lifted by a lonely soldier. Finally, late SHORTS host Isaiah Sheffer dreams of tigers in a Jorge Luis Borges short."

• At Toasted Cake:  "The Tides" by Ken Liu.
      ""When I was little," Dad says, softly chuckling, "the Moon was so small I thought I could put it in my pocket, like a coin."

Other Genres


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