Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Few

Just a few goodies this morning (one very late).

 Today's QD Radio is Dimension X's 1950 adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's early Science Fiction story, "Report on the Barnhouse Effect"

[Art from "Bad Medicine" linked below]

• At Online Pulps!: "Bad Medicine" by William Morrison. Sci-Fi.
      "Meet the scoundrels of the spaceways as they find that cheating cheaters is universal." From Thrilling Wonder Stories. February, 1941.

• At Weird Tales: "The Darkness at Table Rock Road" Michael Reyes. Horror.
     "I banish the memory, down the beer and light up a joint as I sink into my beanbag, all the while trying to visualize exactly where Wyoming is on the map. I can’t. Exhaling the smoke I decide I’m going to visit Blake and take mushrooms with him at a place called The Red Desert."

• Flash Fiction at 365 Tomorrows: "Uptown" by Derrick Paulson. Science Fiction.

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David Scholes said...

Hi Dave

I will be makng my "Alien Hunter, Star Trooper" novella free on Amazon for 5 days from 12.01am Saturday 12 January. Her's the link:

Dave Tackett said...

Will link it!