Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Free Genre Items

 Lots of great stuff that I'm too tired to describe.

• At Author's Site: "The Life And Deaths of Rachel Long" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Fantasy.
    "The fifth time she died, she took the guitar with her. She went down in a haze of smoke and ash, bullets and flames.  And this time, not even the music remained."

• At Black Gate: "Seeker of Fortune" By David Evan Harris. Fantasy.
     "John Sherman tipped his Forty-Niners cap back so he could press his face against the window, tilting his eyes downward. The cliff-face was not quite sheer, so that it was barely visible past the tracks, plunging at least two-hundred feet to a rocky base. His belly tightened as he thought of her, the way that fury could suddenly transform that beautiful face."

• At Strange Horizons: "A to Z Theory" by Toh EnJoe.
       "Nowadays, this amazing theorem is held to be incorrect, in terms of even elementary mathematics. Hardly anybody ever even thinks about it anymore, because it’s just plain wrong."

• At The Twilight Zone Network: "The Chaser" by John Collier. [via SFFaudio]
      "Alan, a lovelorn man, desperate for the object of his affections to return them, visits a queer chemist for a solution"

• At Cast of Wonders: "Now Cydonia" by Rick Kennett.
     "Cadet Cy De Gerch bounced forward into the desert darkness, raised her arms in a defensive posture and, as best as a fourteen year could, barked, “Halt! Who goes there!” There was no one there. There never was."

• At The WiFiles: "Sin City" by William Campbell.
     "God is hosting the monthly deity poker night. Everyone could make it for once, which is a rarity. In December God never shows up. He has to prepare for Jesus’ birthday bash, so it’s understandable. Satan missed a couple times this year because it’s such a long trip from the deep south, but we don’t miss him much"

Flash Fiction
  • At Daily Science Fiction: "Neighbours" by Rob Butler. 
  • At Every Day Fiction: "Cannath’s Coins" by Jude-Marie Green. Fantasy.
  • At Strange Horizons: "Schrödinger's Tree" by Madeline Sebastian Burtenshaw. Speculative poem.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Vengeance" by Bob Newbell. Science Fiction.
  • At 365 Tomorrows:  "Baby May Care" by Desmond Hussey. Science Fiction.

Audio Fiction
• At Beam Me Up: "Know How Can Do pt3" by Michael Blumlein.
   No Description.

• At Cast of Wonders: "Now Cydonia" by Rick Kennett.
    Described Above.

• At Every Photo Tells: "A Tactical Decision"  by Mick Bordet.
     "Even in the midst of a siege by the dark legions of the Overseer, a single choice can change a life forever, when love strikes."

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 6 - The Beasts of Tarzan"
     "Tarzan has assembled an amazing collection of creatures in his service – Sheeta, the panther, Akut, the great ape and his tribe, and Mugambi, sole survivor of the battle between his expeditionary force and the beasts of Tarzan."

• At Gypsy Audio: "The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures-Arc 2 part 3 Arachnophobia" by A. J. Clarkson.
     "Who hurt Elizabeth Blackburn? What is wrong with Mr. Book? And what is the reason a simple meeting of the minds in turning into a chaotic, and frightening trip to DC?"

• At LibriVox: "The Devil in Iron" by Robert E. Howard. Fantasy.
     "Conan is up against a being immensely stronger than he is and which he cannot kill with normal weapons. Will his mighty thews and muscles finally be crushed beneath the iron fists of this devil?"

• At 19 Nocturne Boulevard: "Telegram to Satan!" by Julie Hoverson.
      "Another adventure of Team E-O of the world Bugle - seeking news wherever it lies, and lying whenever it doens't!"

• At PodCastle: "Miniature 75: Doctor Diablo Goes Through The Motions" by Saladin Ahmed.
     "So here I am again, sitting at a twelve-person steel table, going through the motions. The Society of Supercriminals’ new headquarters is impressive but not comfortable. You’d think that Overlord, with his ill-gotten dictator-industrialist billions, could afford some padding for these damn chairs. But as my Tío Cesar would say, assholes never shit flowers."

• At SFFaudio: "The Status Civilization" by Robert Sheckley. Science Fiction.
     "Will Barrent awakes without memories just before being deposited on Omega, a planet for criminals where the average life expectancy is 3 years. He’s listed as a murderer and released into the illicit society as a “peon” the lowest class imaginable."

• At Strange Horizons: "A to Z Theory" by Toh EnJoe.
    Described Above.

• At Toasted Cake: "La Maison d'Os" by Nicki Vardon. 
      "Please come in, sir, madam. Finest jewel store in the district, madam, certainly."

Other Genres


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