Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ken Liu and Other Great Free Fiction

 Another great daily (erm almost daily) batch of free fiction from many great sites. Today's listing includes online fiction, flash fiction, audio fiction, e-books, and comics.

[Art from Prince of Bryanae linked below in e-books]

• At The Colored Lens: "Eight of Swords – Part 2 Feeding the Dragon" by Timothy Mudie. Speculative Fiction.
     " I have to say, it was easier than I expected to exhume Keith. We were able to drive my parents’ station wagon right into the cemetery, parking just a few feet from the grave. The soil was still loose and we managed to frantically shovel our way through the six feet to the coffin in under an hour. I had insisted on both Eric and I wearing all black, including ski masks over our faces, but no one came by."

• At Cosmos: "Henry Fairfield" by Barton Paul Levenson. Science Fiction.
     "Bradley turned around again and smiled. 'Would you think I was around the bend if I told you I was looking for a way to travel in time?'"

• At Lightspeed: "Let’s Take This Viral" by Rich Larson. Science Fiction.
      "Default hadn’t been down in the nocturns for some time, probably half an orbit, but he had just dissolved the geneshare contract with his now-ex-lover and needed to get completely [. . .] perforated to take his mind off things. His lift was full of revelers all laughing and widecasting the same synthesized whalesong from Old Old Earth."

• At Lightspeed: "Ash Minette" by Felicity Savage. Fantasy.
      "The candlelight in our attic erased the imperfections from Libby’s round, heavy features: She seemed time-smoothened, a madonna of golden stone. But when she posed for me in the dress, her over-ripeness—the way she thrust out her chest, the coy glances—spoilt the illusion, corrupted it with indecent knowledge."

• At World SF Blog: "Case Notes of a Witchdoctor" by Nick Wood.
     "He’d reached the age where he’d seen it all—liars, psychopaths, the neurotic… and the completely insane. Psychosis it was, though, that still just about held his interest."

Flash Fiction
  • At Daily Science Fiction: "Linger" by Ken Liu. 
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Forgiveness Day" by Clint Wilson. Science Fiction.

At Free eBooks Daily:
At Smashwords:

Audio Fiction
• At Lightspeed: "Let’s Take This Viral" by Rich Larson. Science Fiction.
     Described above

• At Protecting Project Pulp: “The Crawling Creature” by Donald Bayne Hobart.
    "Every step meant danger in the trail of Dan Buckly’s mysterious, sinister killer!" - first published in Thrilling Adventures, July 1932.

• At Pseudopod: "Forgiveness Day" by Clint Wilson. Horror.
     "“It is very seldom that one encounters what would appear to be sheer unadulterated evil in a human face; an evil, I mean, active, deliberate, deadly, dangerous. Folly, heedlessness, vanity, pride, craft, meanness, stupidity - yes. But even Iagos in this world are few, and devilry is as rare as witchcraft."


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