Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Goodies

 A few more freebies for today.

 [Art for Police Your Planet by Lester Del Rey in audio fiction]

• At Aurora Wolf: "Swallowed by Darkness" by Jennifer M. Windrow. Fantasy.
    "Our date wasn’t going well. It had been obvious from the start.  However, I felt obligated to stick it out. I owed it to the good friend who’d thought “we’d be perfect for each other”. "

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Shadow Play" by Liz Argall.
     "Every time the shadow puppets play, someone is saying, goodbye. Someone is saying, please don't go. Someone is saying, if only, please. Someone is saying, I remember when, and laughing."

• At Paizo: "Bastard, Sword - Chapter Four: Illusions of Ice" by Tim Pratt. Fantasy.
     ""Probably," Hrym said. 'I can't be expected to remember every kind of thing I've slain. Listen, Manius, before we begin our crusade, do you mind giving me a few moments alone with Rodrick here?'"

• At "Running of the Bulls" by Harry Turtledove.
     "You are all a lost generation, she said back then. And anyone who looked at them as they spun their dizzy way through life would have had a hard time telling her she was wrong."

Flash Fiction
  • At Every Day Fiction: "Life of Eight" by Paul Miller. Science Fiction.
  • At Nature: "Sticky" by George Zebrowski. Science Fiction. 
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Cold" by Bronwyn Seward. Science Fiction.
Audio Fiction
• At Escape Pod: "Keeping Tabs" by Kenneth Schneyer. Science Fiction.
      "I was so excited when I could finally buy a Tab. They cost so much, you know, but I saved up for maybe six months. I waitressed at Antonio’s in the North End, and let me tell you, it’s murder on the feet.  Those trays are heavy, too, and Nico screams at everybody the whole shift, not to mention the way you smell after six hours."

• At LibriVox: Police Your Planet by Lester Del Rey. Science Fiction.
     "Bruce Gordon looked at his ticket, grimaced at the ONE WAY stamped on it, then tore it into bits and let the pieces scatter over the floor. He counted them as they fell; thirty pieces in all, one for each year of his life. Little ones for the two years he'd wasted as a cop."

• At LibriVox: People of the Mist by H. Rider Haggard. Adventure.
     "Penniless Leonard Outram attempts to redress the undeserved loss of his family estates and fiancee by seeking his fortune in Africa."

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