Tuesday, April 2, 2013


After a few unexpected days off, I'm back with a few of the many great freebies that have come out.  There will be many more over the next couple of days. Of course many of those will have already been listed listed at the always amazing SF Signal, by Righteous Regan Wolfrom and Jolly John DeNardo. [Sorry, my inner Stan Lee came out with the pointless alliteration there]


• At The Colored Lens: "The Adverse Possession of Madeline Greene" by Tessa Bennett.
       "There is a legal doctrine called adverse possession whereby one man – in absence of legal or moral claim – may come to own the property of another. In its simplest terms, it requires only that the trespasser take hold of the land and cling to it as long as possible. By sheer force of will and the passage of time, he can take the ground right from under your feet."

• At Lightspeed: "Deus Ex Arca" by Desirina Boskovich. Science Fiction
     "It was a crystalline morning in early June, and the sky was wide as a saucer. It was a beautiful day for the arrival of the box."

• At Lightspeed: "Smoke City" by Christopher Barzak. Fantasy.
      One night, I woke to the sound of my mother’s voice, as I did when I was a child. The words were familiar to my ear, they matched the voice that formed them, but it was not until I had opened my eyes to the dark of my room and my husband’s snoring that I remembered the words were calling me away from my warm bed and the steady breathing of my children, both asleep in their own rooms across the hall. “Because I could not stop for death,” my mother used to tell me, “he kindly stopped for me.”

• At Strange Horizons: "The Lucia Bird" by Ryan Simko.
     "It is the highest sin to kill a Lucia bird."

• At The World SF Blog: "Battleflag" by Bojan Ratković.
       "They rang out all night, the bombs and the missiles. They do most nights. The world shook and trembled and the ground swelled with falling rubble. Older folks say the sound reminds them of fireworks. They had fireworks in the former times — they would shoot up and light up the skies with bursts of color and everyone would look up, and their eyes would glimmer. No one looks at the skies anymore — the sound of fireworks is the sound of death."

Flash Fiction
  • At Every Day Fiction: "Lost and Found" by Patrick Perkins. Horror.
  • At Strange Horizons: "Tattertongue" by Jenn Grunigen. Poem.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Waking Up" by Duncan Shields. Science Fiction.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Breeding For Luck" by Clint Wilson. Science Fiction.
  • At 365 Tomorrows: "Blue Eyes Green" by Morrow Brady. Science Fiction.
  • At Tor.com: "House" by Neil Gaiman. Poem.

Audio Fiction
• At Lightspeed: "Smoke City" by Christopher Barzak. Fantasy.
     Described above.

• At Protecting Project Pulp: "Man From the Wrong Time-Track" by Dennis Plimmer.
     "The statement which follows concerns the entire world, and for that reason I, Paul Dicey of Irving Place, New York City, am sending copies of it to the world’s leading newspapers. What I have to say herein must be considered carefully by all who can read, for in it may  lie their salvation and the salvation of billions of their descendants yet unborn!" - first published in Uncanny Stories, April 1941.

• At Strange Horizons: "The Lucia Bird" by Ryan Simko.
     Described above.

Other Genres
  • Audio at Tales of Old: "Look Away" by Steven Thomas Howell. Historic Fiction - Civil War.  
  • Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "April Fool" by Paul A. Freeman.


David Scholes said...

Hi Dave
Just to mention that the fourth story in my "Trathh" story arc is now up on Paul Cole's Beam Me Up site.

Also I'll be making my Alien Hunter, Star Trooper novella a free download from Amazon for 5 days from 12.01am Friday 12 April (US Pacific Time).


Dave Tackett said...

Thanks - Got it!