Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Few Fanrastic Freebies

Running late, but here are a few fantastic freebies.  And be sure visit SF Signal and check out the latest free links from Regan (especially his book!)

[Art from Lovecraft eZine linked below]

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Paradise Left" by Evan Dicken.
     "Rob was feeding the dog when Ashley came home from the rebellion. It took less than a second for the front door to recognize her and slide open, but it still wasn't fast enough. She kicked the jam with a muffled curse and stalked into the room, five and a half feet of wiry, dirt-smudged outrage."

Now Posted: Lovecraft eZine #23. Horror.
"The Strange Tale of Samuel Winchester" by Samantha Hendersen & Andrew Nicolle.
     "The remaining guard watched over me, wary and agitated. I was certain that his restless fidgeting would cause his firearm to discharge. Apparently the gravity of the situation–whatever it could be–was more serious than I imagined."
"Tracking the Black Book" by Douglas Wynne.
      "When it came to grimoires, Eric reminded Peter of a jeweler digging through a bag of dirty rocks that had cost him dearly, examining each under his monocle, breath held in anticipation of an elusive refraction of the light combined with just the right weight in his hand. But some stones were simply out of reach,"
"Not With a Bang, But Waves Whispering" by Wendy Wagner.
     "The sea will come / upon the shores where we picnicked / the day we saw the dead porpoise, /
first there, where no one will notice."

"A Cold Yellow Moon" by Joe Pulver & Edward Morris.
     "The main room of Miskatonic University Observatory’s new Mission Control wing flickered so badly it felt like it was always raining during an eclipse. In that cramped, sawdust-and-plaster lockdown that seemed a hasty afterthought, twenty tele-visor screens ringed the room, with audio-telephone switches and lavaliere microphones everywhere between each."
"The Whisper From the Deep" by Cora Pop.
     "Our Servant is getting ready. You’ll know who he is when he’s there. A big surprise for you, it will be."
"Nectar of Strange Lips" by Michael Griffin.
      "Frank wasn’t surprised to see the green-haired girl by the lake. He knew she probably lived nearby. What grabbed his attention was that she stood there, looming over his wife Lucy tanning on the beach." 
Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
• At Classic Tales Podcast: "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, 4of5"  from The Arabian Nights.
        "Using his dark powers, the African Magician discovers Aladdin’s prosperity. As swift as horse can ride, the Magician arrives in China, and his worst suspicions are realized – Aladdin indeed has the lamp he covets so dearly. Will the Magician wrest the lamp from Aladdin? And if so, what will happen to the Princess?"

• At Escape Pod: "Red Card" by S.L. Gilbow 
       Late one April evening, Linda Jackson pulled a revolver from her purse and shot her husband through a large mustard stain in the center of his T-shirt.  The official after incident survey concluded that almost all of Merry Valley approved of the shooting.  Sixty-four percent of the townspeople even rated her target selection as “excellent.”  A few, however, criticized her, pointing out that shooting your husband is “a little too obvious” and “not very creative.”

• At Pseudopod: "The Ninth Skeleton" by Clark Ashton Smith. Horror.
      "It was beneath the immaculate blue of a morning in April that I set out to keep my appointment with Guenevere. We had agreed to meet on Boulder Ridge, at a spot well known to both of us, a small and circular field surrounded with pines and full of large stones, midway between her parents’ home at Newcastle and my cabin on the north-eastern extremity of the Ridge, near Auburn."

• At Tales to Terrify: "Show 68" Horror.
       "Travelers Stay" by Ray Cluley, and "Bad Day" by John Everson.

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