Monday, April 29, 2013

A Start.

Some good free fiction today, much more tomorrow (the rest of today's plus Tuesday's).

• At Cast of Wonders: "The Long Cut" by Tom Howard. YA Speculative Fiction.
      "'Do you want me to drive for a while?' my mother asked from the front passenger seat.  It was the middle of the night but, unlike my older sister, I couldn’t sleep.  The desert streaked by just out of sight of the headlights."

• At Cosmos: "Gameplay" by Christos Callow Jr. Science Fiction.
     "I had only reloaded once when I saw the waiter bringing lamb chops to the nearby table. Lamb chops! I was so upset at the display of this mutilated CORPSE that my crystal eye popped and fell in my glass."

• At L5R: "There Will Be Blood, Part 1b" by Shawn Carman. Fantasy.
     "The idea of a Phoenix samurai stooping so low as to spy upon the Crab would have been completely laughable if it were not for the fact that it had actually occurred, and that it had denied a valued agent of the clan his freedom."

• At The WiFiles: "Van Helsing Escapes" by James Lewelling. Speculative Fiction.
     I couldn’t take it anymore—her “Harker this” and “Harker that.” I had to get out of that place. I didn’t even wait for her to start into it. As soon as she had stepped into the room, I rushed the door. It took her completely off guard. The last thing I saw was the “O” of her open mouth.

Flash Fiction

Audio Fiction
• At Cast of Wonders: "The Long Cut" by Tom Howard. YA Speculative Fiction.
     Described above.

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 16 - The Beasts of Tarzan"
     "Chapter XVI – “In the Darkness of the Night”  Tarzan is hot on the trail of Jane and Rokoff. He has caught up with Rokoff’s canoe as it heads for the Kincaid. Rokoff strikes Tarzan with a heavy canoe paddle just as Tarzan is attempting to climb aboard."

• At Toasted Cake: "Make Believe" by Kenneth Kao.
      "In which we try to blow out the candles. The therapist's waiting room was plain--white sterile walls and carpet floors that smelled of chemicals."

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