Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Freebies

A few very good free fiction items today, including the latest issue if Indian SF (illustrated to the left) and Matthew Sanborn Smith's flash audio, Mars trilogy. More to come.

• At Electric Velocipede: "Grandmother of Ghosts" by E. Catherine Tobler.
     "The boats have stopped coming. After three long weeks without a single boat, I have stopped looking to the sea. The last rowboat that came rests belly up farther down the shore. It reminds me of a beached whale; a calf at that, dead before it ever really began. A woman sits there at sunset each day, waiting for a sailor who will never return."

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Centipede Heartbeat" by Caspian Gray. Horror. 
      "Each time Lisa rested her head against Joette’s breasts, she heard the centipedes. In between heartbeats there was the tiny sound of hundreds of chitinous footsteps against bone, of miniature mandibles tearing at organs. Joette refused to admit to it, or maybe she didn’t know."

• Now Posted: Indian SF Issue 3 May – June 2013. Science Fiction. Fantasy.
"Five Ways to Fall In Love on Planet Porcelain" by Cat Rambo.
     "A world peopled by china figurines" 
"Bethany’s Bliss" by H. J. Harding.
      "Plants don’t grow from seeds to small shrubs in three weeks" 
"Pawn" by Timons Esaias.
     "Gritty realities associated with the game of chess"

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Audio Fiction

• At Decoder Ring Theatre: "Red Panda Adventures (93) - The Doctor Is In" Superhero.
     "an inescapable deathtrap carved into the very living rock of a mountainside seems like overkill doesn't it? Even if your targets are masked heroes with more lives than a bag of cats. If the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel are to have any hope of escape, it will be because The Doctor Is In!"

• At Nightmare Magazine: "Centipede Heartbeat" by Caspian Gray. Horror.
     Described Above. 

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