Friday, May 3, 2013

Part Three

A few more freebies, including comics and Tales to Terrify.

[Art from "The Hungry Horde" linked below]

•  At Big Pulp: "Paula" by Court Merrigan. Science Fiction.
     "I am in my car, foraying into the lower city in search of life and books. Autumn storms loom gray over the city, twinging the air with the scent of ice-cracked winter. Rain makes an opaque smear of my windshield so I pull over. Through the steady-streaking glass I see a shopfront, its marquee a freakishly grinning clown juggling amidst sprinting elephants, relic from a past century. I duck in through the rain."

•  At Enchanted Conversation: "The Curious Tale of Mr. Fox" by Lissa Sloan. Fairy Tale.
     "I am going to tell you the story of my sister Lady Mary and Mr. Fox. But I am not sure quite how to begin.  My brothers and I could never understand what she saw in the fellow.  She was hardly alone in her admiration of him.  Indeed, many of the ladies of the village of L_____ thought Mr. Fox the most agreeable gentleman of their acquaintance.  Perhaps it was his charming, almost lazy smile, his bright mischievous eyes, or his fine red coat, which I daresay many of the gentlemen envied."

Audio Fiction
•  At Tales to Terrify: Episode No 69
      “It’s Just Tearing Me All Apart” by O.D. Hegre and “The Anatomy of Seahorses” by John Dodds


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