Monday, June 17, 2013

Free Fiction for Ecclesiastes

Just a few free goodies this morning, but all worth checking out.  E-Books and more later today.

• At L5R: "Sins of the Father, Part 5: Always War" by Robert Denton. Fantasy.
      "Twenty-eight seconds into the match, Sakura struck the bokken from her opponent’s hands, following up with a kick that sent him reeling into the far wall of the dojo. He gasped for air as she guided the wooden tip to his throat."

Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
• At Beam Me Up: Episode #370. Science Fiction.
       "The Rise & Rise of Grey Power" by David Scholes and the conclusion of "No Great Magic" by Fritz Leiber.

• At Clarkesworld: "Free-Fall" by Graham Templeton. Science Fiction.
     "Our elevator has stalled some thirty kilometers above the surface of the Earth, and my first thought is not heroic: I need to start fasting, lean up these haunches in preparation for the Donner decision trees that most likely lie ahead."

Other Genres

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