Thursday, June 6, 2013

How beauteous free fiction is! O brave new world, That has such speculation in't!

Some great free fiction today, not a ton, but enough to keep you busy for a while.  Be sure to check back frequently for free fiction links, and occasionally more. And check out SF Signal, where, despite implications to the contrary, Regan Wolfrom has full permission to use QD links.

[Art from Cosmos, linked below]

• At Aurora Wolf: "The Charlatan Chronicler" by Diana Rohlman.Fantasy.
     "The words, for the first time, were not coming easily. I sat back, the glass of wine in my hand glimmering in the lamplight. I took a sip. For words to fail me was an anomaly. I went so far as to touch pen to paper, willing characters to form, a story to flow onto the page in bold, black letters. The ink merely bled into the paper, a spreading black blemish."

• At Cosmos: "Red Star Falling, in Multimedia" by Eric Cline. Science Fiction.
     "The truth of that control room would be hard to dramatise: a thousand urgent side-conversations among groups of engineers; ideas pitched, batted around, and tossed to the ground; everyone running their brains on overdrive to come up with a solution."

• At Daily Science Fiction: "Ghosts in the Walls" by Shannon Peavey.
      "The baby in the north-side wall of Laura's apartment never cries during the earthquakes. Other times it will scream and wail loud enough to keep her up at night, even with a pillow over her ears--but when the shaking starts it quiets. Like it's being rocked to sleep."

Flash Fiction
  • At Every Day Fiction: "The D-Day Diorama" by Paul A. Freeman
  • At Nature: "Rondo Code" by Tony Ballantyne. Science Fiction.
  • At 355 Tomorrows: "Symbiosis" by Bob Newbell. Science Fiction.
E-Books at Free E-Books Daily
• At The Lovecraft eZine: “The Earth Rejects Him” Horror.
      "A young boy discovers a corpse while biking in the woods, then faces unexpected and macabre consequences when he tries to bury it…"

Audio Fiction
• At The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: "Episode 06 - The Land That Time Forgot" Adventure.
      "The survivors of the U-33 have now made their way deep into the heart of Caprona.  The crew has successfully survived an attack by an Allosaurus.  It has become clear that their survival depends upon the construction of a palisaded  camp."

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