Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Freebies

Running very late, but here are a few good freebies to start the weekend.

Flash Fiction
Audio Books
• At Escape Pod: "My Heart is a Quadratic Equation" by Shane Halbach. Science Fiction.
     "She used the lull in the conversation to take a pen out of her pocket. Idly she doodled the inside of a hydrogen-powered rocket on a spare cocktail napkin. It was a nice restaurant, she’d give him that. He’d even ordered wine. Big spender. She added an extra fin to her schematic, for stability.
He broke the silence. 'Chrysanthemum is an unusual name.'"

• At  Pseudopod: "At The End Of The Passage" by Rudyard Kipling. Horror.
     "The sky is lead and our faces are red / And the gates of Hell are opened and riven / And the winds of Hell are loosened and driven, And the dust flies up in the face of Heaven / And the clouds come down in a fiery sheet / Heavy to raise and hard to be borne "

• At Tales to Terrify: Episode #74. Horror.
       “Bespoke” by Jessica M. Broughton and “Look Away” by Steven Thomas Howell

Other Genres

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