Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free Fiction and Great Sites

A few more free goodies today. Also added permenent links to six great sites that, among other things, link to a ton of free fiction SF Signal, Free SF Reader, Free Speculative Fiction Online,, Variety SF, and  SFFaudio. Even though they are already in the blogroll, these are sites that I recommend visiting daily, if not more often, so they get there own links section (in the right column).

• Now Posted: Black Treacle #3. Horror. Dark Fantasy. Mature readers only [via SF Signal]
Getting Shot in the Face Still Stings” by Michelle Ann King.
     "Dom doesn’t lose his temper as easily as his brother, so normally he’s the one who deals with it when shit goes pear-shaped. But shit has been going pear-shaped a lot lately, and by the time Dom gets to the warehouse Marc is already in full swing. Literally–he’s gone after poor Jimmy with a nine iron."
Waking Up from the American Dream” by David Annandale.
     "Oh yeah. Satanic ritual abuse syndrome. Was big in the 80s. Destroyed a lot of families. Patricia was ready to sue hers. Was all set to go to trial and [...] she dropped the suit. [...] Well, her parents discovered a physical examination she’d undergone about a year prior. Turns out, she was a virgin. None of it happened."
The Autobiography of Jeffrey Kline” by Laura-Marie Steele.
     "Della wiped the outcropping of books from her brow. Damned things were appearing more frequently. She flicked aside a copy of Jeffrey Kline’s autobiography as small as the nail on her little finger. She wouldn’t have minded so much if she sweated classics, but the trash that came from her pores was just embarrassing."
Flash Fiction
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Audio Fiction
• At SFFaudio: "Mother Of Toads" by Clark Ashton Smith. Horror.
     "The voice of Mere Antoinette, the witch, was an amorous croaking. She ogled Pierre, the apothecary's young apprentice, with eyes full-orbed and unblinking as those of a toad. The folds beneath her chin swelled like the throat of some great batrachian. Her huge breasts, pale as frog-bellies, bulged from her torn gown as she leaned toward him."

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