Saturday, July 13, 2013

For the Federation, I Would Give My Free Fiction!

More cool free fiction today, including Redwall, Brian Jacques' classic young adult  fantasy, the latest issue of The Loeelei Signal, e-books, comics, flash fiction, and more. It's a good day to read, citizen!

• At Gollancz:: "Grumpy Jonnic" by Nathan Hawke. Fantasy.  [via SF Signal]   
     "Some days it seemed that every other Marroc in Andhun was called Jonnic. The harbour was full of them. There was Angry Jonnic and Laughing Jonnic and Fat Jonnic and Thin Jonnic and about a dozen others. Now and then, Grumpy Jonnic wished he’d been bald or red-headed or something else more obvious, but fate had endowed him with a dour demeanour and an unremarkable unkempt appearance, and so Grumpy Jonnic he was, like it or not."

• Now Posted: The Lorelei Signal Jul-Sep 2013
• "Bogle-Baine and Bogle-Dhu" by Andrew Frew. Fantasy.
      "Dora comes face to face with 2 Scottish Legends and learns that some paranormal entities might not be so threatening if one took the time to know them."

• "Daddy's Little Girl" by Teel James Glenn. Fantasy.
     "Elinda was home alone waiting for a stranger she had met onthe internet. It was her first time having someone over and what could go wrong with someone who called himself 'sukyurblud20?'"

• "Her Quest for a Beating Heart" by Erin Cole. Fantasy.
     "Lumen is no ordinary witch on no ordinary journey, trailing a demon who seeks to cripple her. But only one person wieldsthat kind of power, one who has much to lose."

• "Lil" by Dana Bell. Fantasy.
     "Men say they know what the oldest profession is. Are they sure?"

• "Revelations" by Kristina R. Mosley. Fantasy.
     "When Brenda and her husband Michael try to spread the word of God, they learn that a would-be convert may have a more direct link to the Almighty."

• "She Shall Have Music" by Judith Field. Fantasy.
     "Katy’s trying to get to her audition, but events are conspiring against her. It’ll take magic if she’s to make it on time. A meeting with a fellow-musician could provide the key."

• "Skin and Bones" by Kelly Madden. Fantasy.
     "What if everyone in the future is perfectly thin and attractive... but that's not your idea of beauty? Read 'Skin and Bones' to discover how body image is definitely in the eyes of the beholders."

• "The Specters of Haveroan" by Heidi Wainer. Fantasy.
     "When a head injury causes Lady Marsa Haversted to start seeing ghosts, she wonders if she is going mad. She soon discovers that not only are the ghosts real, but they hold thesecret to a family heirloom that could lead to the salvation of her community."

• "Tag Team" by Siobhan Gallagher. Fantasy.
      "Neither Grandma nor Mr. Wolf get any respect, so they decide to cook something up." 
Flash Fiction
At The Lorelei Signal:
• At "Scorned" by Paul Magnan. Fantasy.
• At 365 Tomorrows: "Sisyphus Redux" by Susan Nance Carhart. Science Fiction.

• At Amazon: The Devil’s Fire: A Pirate Adventure Novel by Matt Tomerlin. [via Pixel of Ink]
At Free eBooks Daily:
 At Smashwords:
Other Genres
• Audio at Selected Shorts: "Dogs and Dates" host John Lithgow.
• Flash Fiction At Every Day Fiction: "Statement of Art" by Jessica Payseur.
• Pulp Fiction at Online Pulps:
  • "The Midnight Clear" by A. C. Abbott. Western. 1953.
  • "G-Man Friday" by Joe Archibald. Noir. 1937.
  • "Flatfoot Snare" by Dennis Layton. Noir. 1942.

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