Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Good, Free Role Playing Game E-zines

Two cool free role-playing 'zines for download in PDF format.  For "old school" gamers, there's the latest issue of Footprints (compatible with early Dungeons and Dragons editions and retro-clones). For Pathfinder (and D&D 3-3.5 editions) players there's the latest issue of Pathways. [Note: DriveThruRPG does require a free signup, with possible gaming related spam.]

At Dragonsfoot: Footprints #19  0-1st edition D&D (AD&D)
      "After the demon was driven off and the danger passed, Holcomb realized what had transpired; he cast a spell to locate the Librum arcanis, and discovered it was being taken to the Shrieking Hollow. Holcomb is unable to go after it himself, as the demon may return at any time, so he is turning to adventurers to help him retrieve the book."
  • Field Notes from Davendowns (article) 
  • Kung Fu Monk (class) 
  • Magic Items for Assassins and Other Dirty Fighters (article) 
  • King Rat (monster) 
  • Create Food and Drink (recipes) 
  • Troubadour (class) 
  • Into the Shrieking Hollow (adventure) 
  • Ecology of the Cave Blinder (article) 
  • Thorks (adventure)

At DriveThruRPG: Pathways #28 (Pathfinder).
"Lostling Creature Template" by Steven D. Russell.
     "Beware the lostling spider, as he may pounce upon you unaware!"
"Thornhill at a Glance!" by Creighton Broadhurst
     "Visit the village of Thornhill and see the sites! Also includes Yorn the Mercenary."
"Introduction to Questhaven" by Steven D. Russell
      "Overdales, over hills, and almost outside your front door is Questhaven."

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