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It's Free To Read When You Want Any Old Time

More good free fiction for you.  Some links were blatantly stolen from the hard-working Regan Wolfrum, at SF Signal who put no more resistance than Canada did during the second Canadian-Icelandic war of 2029, which, as you may recall was started when Icelandic Fisherman were kidnapped and tortured by being made to participate in curling competitions. Then .. Wait, it's only 2013, you don't know about this yet. Please look into the light *FLASH.*  Luit vain spekulatiivista fiktiota linkkejä täällä. Luuletko Dave on suuri. Lähetät hänelle kaikki rahat ja käytettyjä kirjoja.

[Art from Mirror Dance]

• At Author's Site: "Spanner Jack: Chapter Four" by Keith Melton. Science Fiction
     "Brenna McClain, an unlicensed engineer and Jack-of-all-trades, has carved out a place for herself working with Dr. Annabel Price on a highly unorthodox, highly dangerous project. The job keeps her wrench busy, and food in her dog Tau’s dish. She doesn’t think they have much of a chance to open a wormhole to the nexus city of Entropy from Earth, even under the guidance of a shadowy benefactor referred to only as the Emissary." Earlier Chapters at same link.

• At Dargonzine: "For A Slice of Apple Pie" by Joseph Carney. Fantasy.
      "The Ober night air was cool. A dense fog rose from the Coldwell filling the streets alongside the river. Despite the nasty conditions, the weather did nothing to stem the traffic along Coldwater Street. Ever since the collapse of the causeway, people crossing the Coldwell River had to pass through the streets of Old Town in the shadow of Dargon Keep on their way to the ferry beneath Coldwell Height."

• At Dargonzine: "The Killing Time" by Liam Donahue. Fantasy.
      "Kryna woke to sunlight streaming through the open slats of a shuttered window. Where was she? She tried to remember the night before, but her mind was still foggy with sleep. She closed her eyes against the glare of the sun and tried to clear her head. Had there been a man last night? She thought so. She remembered a man coming into Maxim's, tall, broad, and dark just like she liked them. Had she gone home with him?"

Now Posted: Mirror Dance Summer 2013 "Watchers: Stories of Angels and Demons" Fantasy.
• "Behold" by James Lecky. Fantasy.
      "I regret to tell you, your majesty," the Doctor said to the Queen. "That the child has been born ugly."

• "On Festival Road" by Jonathan Olfert. Fantasy.
       "The Festival of Forbidden Arts came every seven years to Allsoulsanchor, that most diverse and liberated of cities. Aalem couldn't quite remember the last time caravans of aloof, argumentative magicians passed his family's roadhouse"

• "Old Rootling" by Trevor Shikaze. Flash Fantasy.

• "Hagia Sophia" by Chandler Groover. Fantasy.
      "One late afternoon, a youth named Michael, not twelve years old, was charged with standing guard at the half-finished narthex of the church while the builders went off for their dinners. You might imagine how the dusk must have been settling over the landscape, and how the clouds might have been turning purple, when a stranger began to approach the church from some way down the road"

• "Caught in the Weave" by Mike Phillips. Fantasy.
       "Screaming in anguish, the girl turned and writhed as she lay on the bed, struggling to free herself from her bonds. But there was nothing she could do, the strips of cloth held firm on her wrists and ankles. Tormented beyond words, her fingernails tore at the sheets, her clothes, anything within reach. She screamed again, a sound to shatter glass and make the ears bleed."

• And Poetry by Sandi Leibowitz, Alicia Cole, Glenn Halak, and Deborah Walker
Now Posted On The Premises #20. Speculative and non-genre stories.
• "Pet Protection Laws and Poodle Impact" by Sonny Zae. Science Fiction.
      "Homeowners desperate to keep robo-salesmen out were the best targets, as it was a sure sign of low sales resistance."

• "Whispers" by Daniel Goldberg.
     “God works in mysterious ways.” That was what his fellow church-goers told him. He was having trouble with God these days, as those who can’t sleep often do.

• "Blended" by Yin Lin.
     "I am Australian and Australians aren’t supposed to be afraid of China."

• "Doll’s House Darkness" by Richard Zwicker.
     "Salazar put his hands in his pockets, a dangerous act in my world. ' We’re hoping somewhere inside you is the answer to what happened to Nate.'"

• "Haze" by Anne Carly Abad.
     "The very first Beast in the country sired itself within a womb of billowing black smoke."
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